JAM Veterinary Services

Full Service Veterinary Clinic - Critically needed in Pahrump, NV - $75-$87k funding

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JAM Veterinary Services is a full-service veterinary clinic with a purpose to enhance veterinary care in Nye County and nearby underserved communities. Our mission is to adhere to a standard of medical excellence, support our staff, and serve our community. The business was founded in October 2022 and hopes to launch in March 2023 as a full-service clinic and launch in Q1 2025 as a full-service mobile clinic.

The market share for JAM Veterinary Services is estimated at 15-25% in 2023 (Year 1) with an estimated 3-5% market growth rate per year after. This clinic offers additional options for pet owners, including emergency care and on-call services, house calls, exotic animal care, and farm animal care. Competition is low as there are only four established clinics in the county who offer less robust veterinary services than JAM Veterinary Services.  

The industry continues to grow each year and JAM Veterinary Services has a $500,000 - $800,000 revenue goal for the first year. The competitive advantage is via the new and expanded services offered as well as the new available hours of care. The marketing plan is targeted at clientele throughout Pahrump. The marketing advantage is a combination of cost-based and value-based pricing and greater payment options for clients (CareCredit and VetBilling). Current marketing is through word of mouth and community outreach vaccination clinics, raffle tickets/donation solicitation, and Facebook Ads which has elicited a following of 150-200 potential clients. 

Practice currently valued at $150,000. 

Suitable investment and repayment terms will be discussed to ensure fair compensation for investors and loaners. Several options exist for these terms, including gross revenue sharing and equity investment, dividends, and investment loans.

JAM Veterinary Services is a low-risk business with high earning potential and maximal expansion potential. We are seeking a small business administration loan and need to establish favorable credit through small business debt relief and acquiring 10-20% capital for the SBA loan. We are asking for $86,140 in an investment loan to cover payroll for January and February ($27,140), reduce personal debt ($20,000), pay off business debt ($24,000), and secure down payment for the SBA loan ($15,000). JAM Veterinary Services will seek an SBA loan through other capital sources or with interested investors for $40,000 – $100,000 for the clinic remodel. 

Website: jamdvm.com 

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