Jackson Sports Memorabilia Inc.

Raising 25K to design a unique and modern store front and to help with purchasing basic equipment for storefront aspect of the business.

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Jackson Sports Memorabilia is my company that sells rare sports memorabilia associated with all professional sports. I hired a company based out of the US called Creative Design to design and create my website and logo. The website is complete and I hired the company with a lifetime subscription to manage to website. They are paid in full and have made an incredibly unique feature on the website to host auctions for some of the ultra-rare memorabilia. The company is incorporated and 80% of the stores' inventory has been already purchased and paid for in full. I also plan to open a storefront in a local mall and sell sports memorabilia and collector cards to have another source of income coming in. I will also be selling Pokemon cards in the store as it is becoming very popular again and will attract younger clients. The mall is fairly popular and has a large flow of clientele daily. The mall is located at 3131 Cote Vertu and it is located in a  primarily middle-class neighborhood. The website itself www.jacksonsportsmemorabilia.com will only be selling premium sports memorabilia as I want the brand to be known worldwide as a prestigious sports memorabilia company. I have been traveling to many sports memorabilia conventions this summer, specifically in the US to better understand the business and at the same time made many connections with people in the industry. What makes us so unique is that we will offer autograph signings every week by professional athletes. Customers can either mail in their cards/jerseys/memorabilia to be signed or can purchase items via our company to be autographed. The items will be shipped back to the store and then mailed out back out to the customers several weeks later. Here in Canada, especially in Quebec, there is no other place that offers this service. Through my connections, I can get autographs at a much lower price by working with the sports agents directly and being involved with a private autograph association. I also have family and friends who play in the NBA, MLB, and NHL who have obtained autographs and game-used equipment for years. The website will be selling the merchandise in USD and I will also be offering clients the option to pay in Bitcoin which will immediately be converted to USD (possibly keep a small % of Bitcoin sales but still up for discussion). This will open the door to more customers online. My business account is with TD Bank and has a USD account for online sales and a Canadian Dollar account for sales made in Quebec. I also have over a thousand single raw cards I have been collecting throughout my life. I plan to sell them on eBay (not using the Jackson sports memorabilia name)  but using a different account name that will be linked to the profits of the business via the incorporated number. I believe that branding and making the company design unique and modern unlike all the other sports cards and memorabilia shops I've visited throughout North America. I've been in contact with a company in Toronto that designs modern retail store interiors and has competitive prices for the quality of their work and products. The cost of rent for the mall is still in negotiations and I will provide more information on the cost of rent once the lease is signed. Regarding staffing, I plan to hire my brother to manage the store in the mall which would mean only having 1 employee on payroll. I will work on weekends until profits are at a point where I feel comfortable hiring another employee. This will result in a very low cost of labor for the start-up of the business. Our copyrighted logo is beautifully designed and consists of burgundy, white and black. These colors will reflect in the store and employees will wear a clean-cut burgundy Polo with the logo on the chest. As part of my contract with Creative Designs, 3 months of USA  online advertisement is included. I also started promoting the company via Instagram and Twitter. I believe social media is a great way to market your business and grow the business. For the grand opening and as another marketing approach, I would like to potentially have a hockey player from our local NHL team "Montreal Canadiens" to be there for a meet and greet and to sign autographs. The customers will have to pay for autographs at a decently reasonable price which will compensate for the cost of hiring the athlete's appearance and I will give out winter tuques with our company logo embroidered to the first 100 customers since it will be winter and is something I can acquire at a low cost. To give you a brief background of my past management experience, I have been working at UPS for the last 10 years. In the last 4 years at the company, I've been promoted twice. I worked for 3 years as an operations supervisor for Downtown Montreal, managing drivers, ensuring every package gets delivered on time, costs of labor, and ensuring we met our quarterly numbers which I accomplished every time. In January this year, I got promoted to a Divisional Health and Safety management position. I was responsible for approximately 17 facilities in Quebec and Ontario. My job was to make sure all facilities were up to governmental codes, track our accident and injury frequencies for the division, and come up with safety plans for my team to execute in their respective centers. By having income from online sales, store sales, autograph sales, and eBay sales. I believe this company can revolutionize the industry of sports memorabilia by using social media and having a unique approach that will attract customers of all ages. The industry is at an all-time high and has been making record-setting sales over the past several years which makes it the perfect time to invest in the industry with our modern unique approach.

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