Jacks or Better Casino

JACKS OR BETTER CASINO is a 155' ship that has 180 Slots, table games, sportsbk just 3 miles out in Jax, Florida.

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I am looking for an investor, loan, or partner. Ship is worth $3.5M. There is a dock in Mayport, Florida (near Jacksonville) that we can lease for around $13,000 per month. Jacksonville has the largest population in Florida. I have operated from Mayport, it is a very good location, near the inlet and about 40 minutes from the 3-mile Federal water line that permits unrestricted gambling with NO gaming license or permits required. Alcohol license not required 3 miles out. No casinos within 400 miles.
I operated Jacks or Better Casino for 3 years in Jacksonville, Florida and made about $3M annually without any marketing. Now we have the reality show pending the launch of JOB Casino, I hope you will look at the video. It will double or triple the revenues. I am an experienced operator. I will move to Florida, set up permanent residency near the ship, and conduct day-to-day operations. I will manage the entire operation. 

The dock will take about $200,000 to get in operation including the parking areas and building renovation.  The Ship needs about $400,000 to get USCG certification and get it ready for launch. All in will take 60 days.  The partner will be fully secured by 50% title to the ship. All in for 50% is $2,190,000.
1. All costs of dock, land and building renovations split 50-50 $200,000/2=$100,000 
2. Dock lease $13,000 1st & last month $24,000/2=$13,000 
3. Business start-up split 50-50 $50,000/2=$25,000 
4. USCG certification, painting and general repairs $400,000 split 50-50 $400,000/2=$200,000 
5. Purchase price $3,500,000/2 = $1,750,000 
6. GM works for $150,000 per year + COL + moving expenses 
TOTAL NEEDED: $2,189,000 
1. Deck plans of the ship. See attachments
 2. Pro Forma of three years of operation.
 3. 5 months operation in Galveston, Texas
 4.Potential billboard artwork.
 5. Ship appraisal. 
1.  155’ X 38’ X 7’ DRAFT (1/2 the length of a football field 
2. Large galley
3. 3 bars
4. 2 rebuilt Cat engines, 2 rebuilt Cat generators. Less than 1000 hours each. Rebuilt By Caterpillar in Galveston, Tx. 
5. 12 knots top speed
6. Planned for no smoking on the two gaming decks or can limit smoking to one deck. Imo, let them smoke on the upper outside deck. Customers will come to you as it will a non-smoking gaming vessel. One deck better with non-smoke throughout because cheaper to operate table games on one floor and slots on one floor.
7. Ship is very low maintenance, built by Washburn and Daugherty, one of the best ship makers in USA. USA flagged 
JOB VIDEO A reality show will be filmed weekly, this is the pitch pilot. It gives you a very good idea of the ship. 

Mark Slotkin
[email protected] 
 (310) 345-9419 mobile 


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