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Raising $1M to $5M for a farm-packaging corporation in the East USA to grow and sell the greatest and oldest Chufa tuber for its milk, flour, and oil.

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Our business plan available going forward.
The Spaniards say: “Is La chufa sobrevivió a la inundiación” – the chufa survived the flood.” 

We have been developing Chufa* products (tiger nuts) for 7+ years; however, Chufa has been consumed for thousands of years. We are based in South Carolina. We are ready to produce, farm, employ, and feed Americans, babies to grandparents.  Growing Chufa in South Carolina is ideal, along its rivers, lakes, and streams . . .and in its rich, easy soils. Here, we are much like the regions in Spain and north-green-Africa, and near the Nile River.   * Spanish. Also called Zulu Nuts or Aya. 

Chufa is Delicious . . . and Super Healthy

Chufa nuts are tubers, like tiny nuts. They are “milky” to drink, dry to roast, grinded into flour, and have the best oil to extract. In every form, they are always bursting with sweetness and life. Chufa is used by millions of people in Africa, Europe, India, China and more.  In Africa and Europe, especially in Spain, it is the oldest health food. Joseph, the viceroy of ancient Egypt, saved the Egyptian people with Chufa, during the great famine.   

We Can Grow Massively, Super-Fast, From Our Tiny Company. But We Need Funding To . . .

Start our Farm:  We will begin this Spring 2021 and train other farms to join us. 
Grow Quickly: We can import enormous amounts of Chufa from Africa, Europe, and India   . . . but we will bring costs down to a great extent from our USA farms.
Get a Good CEO and Employ Many:  We will bring in a great CEO; bolt our operations, perfect our farm and production facilities, grow, and package well.
Market and Deliver:  We will market and teach people about Chufa, sell, and deliver to 40,000+ USA stores.
Help Many People: South Carolina can grow exponentially. We have many families who will come south and need work and schools. 

For Chufa Farms and Packaging Products in South Carolina

Water, Sun, and a Great Climate:  We have plenty of water in SC, great rivers and lakes.
Transporting and Trucking from South: SC trains are efficient; and the trucking is great.
Excellent Workers and Students from South Carolina: We have many people that will do well and live happily in SC. 

The Base of Chufa

Chufa’s Flour, Milk, + Oil 
•       Chufa flour is 100% natural, organic, and gluten-free. 
•       Chufa milk is better than all other non-dairy milks. And it is also slightly sweet. 
•       Chufa oil exceeds olive oil and can be used for all your recipes and much more. 

Chufa for Health
Chufa is full of nutrients. It comes loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, phosphorus and potassium, minerals, antioxidants, oleic and linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, Quercetin, Omega-9 and more - nothing injected. And its oil is a great carrier oil for everything . . . such as CBD, Apricot, Hemp, Moringa and more. 

Chufa Against Diseases and Viruses
Chufa is a great source for potential immunity-enhancing nutrients. It’s used widely to heal ailments, cancers, and inflammation. Chufa is a major prebiotic “resistance starch” source. It is also an excellent source of protein and great for correcting bad cholesterol ratios.
And Our Expanded Products . . . Soon. 
We Will Expand Every Year

Other Products Include

•       Producing flour to make breads, cakes, cookies and more. 
•       Chufa milk products are great . . . goes well with chocolate, dates, coconut, coffee, tea, and more. 
•       Cream for delicious organic ice creams and sorbets. 
•       Lovely granola bars and cereals. 
•       Chufa butter that competes with peanut butter. 
•       And a miracle oil that promotes healthy skin and hair  used topically. It’s perfect for cooking, and more. 

This is an opportunity for success: Fortify and Distribute
We will establish and deliver our base products to our packaging and distribution companies.
Research: We will continue our research and polish our lab, as well as teach and train employees.
Publish and Promote: Publish and promote to more than 100M potential customers . . . and take the lead. 

Market Opportunity:  $100M+ > 2027 | $500M+ > 2030

•      Most almond milk, coconut milk and many other “milks” are continuously sold with foreign ingredients.
•      Almond milk usually contains only 2% almonds, with a lot of water, external vitamins and minerals like Zinc, and various agents, mixed in.
•      Chufa does not need any additional ingredients. Chufa milk is like dairy milk, like cow’s milk . . . but lactose free.
•      A pint of Chufa milk, plain, has about 25 nuts – combined with spring water and light gum – and nothing else.
•      Chufa oil is great for skin, hair, high heat cooking, has a long stable shelf life, and is filled with nutrition.
•      Chufa is Kosher and suitable all-year-round, even for Passover.
•      Chufa flour is in huge demand amongst Paleos, Keto and other popular health trends. 

Competition: Our Company is Ahead and We have great strategies to ensure proactive lead.

•      We imported a large quantity for tests and to start product sales. 
•      We have a great link to Clemson University which is one of the best universities – for its Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences. 
•      We have made and tested the milk, extracted its oil, and used its flour. People tried and tasted our Chufa. They love it, always. 
•      We will produce and distribute within three months –when we have marketing, sales, and production funding. 

 And Competitors in the USA . . . None. And we are the only USA Chufa company, 100% local owned, for human consumption.

•      The foreign exporters to the USA charge a fortune.
•      A pound of imported chufa flour costs $12 to $15 in stores.
•      A Qt of imported chufa milk costs $13 to $18.
•      A Qt of imported oil costs $30 to $40 and they are not inspected to be Kosher. 
•      A few small Chufa farms in the USA sell only as food for turkeys, ducks and geese, carp fish or for goats. 

Growth Strategy: How will we scale up . . .

Phase 1:  March 1 to June 1, 2021 

•      We will finalize our tests for the base Chufa products and additions.
•      We will build and up-scale farm-factory.
•      Install equipment and test our Chufa we already imported.
•      Import large amounts of Chufa into the farm store.
•      Hire people we need. 

Phase 2:  July 1 to September 1, 2021 

•      We will begin marketing, advertising, and publicity.
•      We will begin sales and distribute our flour, milk, and oil.
•      We will add to the base – make Chufa cookies, cereals, ice-creams and more.
•      We will begin the local Chufa farming. 

Phase 3:  October 1 to December 1, 2021 

•      We will begin the addition of local crops. 
•      We will begin harvesting. 
•      We will begin sales and shipping our base products – and more. 
•      Check financial projections and key metrics (every month from phase 1 to 3). 

Timeline:  Our two-year action plans.

 •      March 2021: Design Final 
 •      Mar/May:  Final Investment Group-Iyar Sign / Begin Hiring
 •      June 2021: Farm Secure
 •      Jun-Jul 2021:  Base Products + Publicity:
 •      Jun-Jul 2021:  Production with Imports/Farming 1000+ Tons
 •      Jul-Aug 2021: Launch Base Products / To Stores
 •      Sep 2021: Launch Expanded Products: 
 •      Jan 2022: Begin USA Farm Harvesting /Extractions
 •      2022 Reach for the Stars

Forecasting for success. 
By 2026 we could meet $55M+ revenue and $20M+ profit. 
Get our Pitch Deck from our corporate Website at www.iyarbiotech.com. 
Pitch Deck and more coming at liveplan.com.     
(Company Business Plan with Financial Projections are Available upon request)
Thank you very much and I look forward to your Response.
Esther Perez, Founder, President.  
Joseph Shapiro, CEO/COO.
(770) 870-1309

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