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 We are establishing a first-of-its-kind program which helps growth companies borrow the  engagement funds to hire the vetted experts for a game-changing institutional capital raise.

*Investors- our new program creates the opportunity for you to earn from 2x - 100x in cash and equity returns on your private lending in only 12-24 months. There is no other investment venture in the world which will bring you this return in this time frame. We are seeing cash and equity returns of well over 25,000% on each investment!
Plus, if you're a philanthropist you can also set up an auto-replenishment for your favorite charities as well giving you an ongoing tax deduction and providing perpetual financial security for each of your non-profit organizations!
There are millions of companies searching for institutional capital who can use this service. Each company is fully investigated and vetted by our investment banks prior to being accepted into the funding program. We can also utilize these investment offerings to set up on-going, perpetual returns to charities worldwide.

There has been a need for startup capital in every company in the world since the formation of legalized business entities. There is now an exponentially bigger market for this service offering since the Covid-19 issue has developed as there are thousands of new startups being created on a daily basis in every industry across the board. This is also for existing companies seeking growth capital to ride out the storm and to stabilize, or even grow their already solvent earnings.

Status- We have built a handsome, easy to navigate website; created an SEC-registered PPM; and developed our network of institutional investment bankers and company deal-flow providers whom will vett the companies and their potential and approve or reject them for the program based on a large amount of due diligence criteria. For those whom have successfully made it to the funding level (one at a time or only five per quarter), we are now seeking accredited  private investors to fund the retainer program with our first capital raise of either $155k  (one company) or $775k (five companies).

Our national and international network of institutional investment bankers bring to the table all of the qualifications required to make each investment venture successful no matter the size or scope.

Please review the files below (recommended in the order listed) then contact us to set up a discovery call. We will also reach out to you as soon as possible following the AFF opportunity distribution to answer any questions you may have.

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