iToldYa! - The Social Debate Platform

Raising $750K to grow our in-market MVP with over 30,000 downloads to date!

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We are a Social Media platform designed to help people settle their debates in fun, fair and safe environment.  We believe social dialogue is broken beyond repair on existing  platforms, where discussions  devolve into personal attacks.  We settle debates by posting short videos from creators with opposing opinions on the same topic, put them head to head, and allow our community to decide who's got the winning take, and who must admit defeat.  

  • Our story started by watching the negative impact current social media has had on my daughters, and their friends.  The problem is real, and needs an alternative platform to resolve differences in a fair, fun and safe environment.
  • We make money by allowing brands to sponsor these debates, AND allowing brands to have debates between their own product lines.  Picture "Coke vs Coke Zero" for best coke ever, or an airline Asking 'Florida vs California' as favourite destination.
  • We have launched our MVP, on the APP and Play stores with over 30,000 downloads in the past few months.  We need to tune our MVP to attain a perfect product market fit, before we truly scale our platform.  
  • The team consists of myself, a professional engineer and leader with over 20 years experience supply chain start ups, retail planning and industrial engineering.  My cofounder is a full stack developer with over 50 applications to his name, and 15+ years of  experience   

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