Italia State of Mine, Inc

Multi-service cryptofirm integrating a proprietary business model - maximizing efficiency & reduces fees. Profits support charitable causes & meaningful regulation in the space.

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***Important Note: There are a lot of crypto investment scams happening right now. If you wish to invest, you MUST do so through the link below. This is to protect you, & us, and it's the law! Please do not attempt to circumvent the process, or your investment will be declined. ***

The team at Italia State of Mine is stepping up to the plate, and leading the market into trustworthy territory. The market has never seen a company come in and demand transparency, safety, and security the way Italia State of Mine has. So, how are we doing this? Well, Italia State of Mine is a multi-service cryptofirm providing an integrated suite of offerings, including a full-service exchange, cryptocurrency ATM infrastructure, mining farms, crypto staking, and a variety of educational content. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, the takeaway here is that we are an all-inclusive cryptocurrency services business. The company has built a proprietary business model that interconnects these business pillars to maximize efficiency and reduce fees. The real magic in the business model comes from the use of profits to support charitable causes and meaningful regulation in the space. We use the power and profitability of the industry to instill trust, provide education, and guide the general public through the technology revolution of cryptocurrency. Until now, we’ve seen company after company build cash cows and suck money away from customers. It can often be difficult to separate legitimate opportunities from ill-advised investments. Italia State of Mine has taken the responsibility of shifting the market from pure profitability to sustainability and positive implications to society. Quite honestly, we believe Italia State of Mine is more than just a company. This is a movement. We’re shaking up the industry and making an impact in the world. 
Company Milestones to Date:
●      Revenue Growth - in our first 4 full months of operation our monthly revenue grew explosively from $3k to $186k.
●      Projected M.o.M Revenue - Italia State of Mine is projecting $575,000 in monthly revenue by EOY 2023.
Crypto’s potential benefits to society are overshadowed by a damaged reputation, lack of education, and absence of regulation. Have you ever talked to a friend or peer about crypto? If you have, then you certainly understand what we’re talking about. Crypto is an incredible tool and a technological revolution, but has a damaged reputation. The market has seen far too much manipulation, exploitation, and fraud. This has to be fixed for people to truly appreciate and trust cryptocurrency.   
Italia State of Mine was built to satisfy two primary problems. 1) Build the best technology the industry has ever seen and 2) Change the narrative in the industry and demand change. It’s time for a new class of company. Crypto desperately needs companies built on trust, honesty, and transparency. Italia State of Mine is the first company to ever step up to the plate and take the lead on this. People are starved for a solution that puts people first- and they will most definitely jump onboard and support the movement. Italia State of Mine is a beacon of hope in the industry that the negative can’t overshadow. 
Why Now 
The cryptocurrency market has been through several “winters” now, and we’ve learned a few things leading up to the current dip in the market. The market is strong and will see its biggest influx in the short future. After each dip comes an explosive growth of the market. This is proven by market history and analytical studies. During market dips, we see smaller illegitimate companies go under. Coming out of the dip, we’ll see scam artists and market manipulators come alive again. Getting in place now is crucial to ensure we steer the market in the right direction during its biggest growth season ever. This timing will also provide the best possible investment opportunity for all of us. The timing of this expansion was planned very carefully using historical data and forward projections. We’re confident that your investment will grow more here than anywhere else. Our employees are so confident that they have personally invested $375,000. 
Market Size 
The cryptocurrency market is absolutely huge. In fact, one of the biggest industries to ever exist. To top it off, the market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.8% from now until 2030. This equates to one of the largest industries with one of the largest growth rates ever. The industry needs new companies to come in just simply to support the growth. But Italia State of Mine plans to go way above and beyond this. We believe we can easily take over the market share as the largest company by volume by 2025. This would mean $10+ billion daily in trade volume.   
Competitive Advantages 
Italia State of Mine has studied our competitors in each business area. We are fortunate to be able to study what’s worked for them and what hasn’t. We have carefully crafted our business model and flow of funds to maximize on efficiencies and minimize fees based on market research. We’ve also contracted out all of our development work to the best developers in the world who have had time to master their work and perfect it on our products. We are very confident that our products are the most secure, advanced, and well-polished in the industry. And that’s just the beginning. The real advantage comes from our stance as a company. Customers will have an overwhelming number of reasons to choose us over our competitors. Please see page 9 of the pitch deck for more information on this.  
Business Model 
The best part of Italia State of Mine’s business model is that customers can make a difference simply by choosing to use our products and services. When they buy/sell/trade crypto with us vs our competition, they're making an unprecedented impact on the industry and the world. And if they aren’t ready to get involved in crypto just yet, we have a variety of educational content to consume and get involved, while learning and supporting the movement. 
Behind the scenes, the magic lives in the vertical pillars of the business. We are composed of five business pillars, all of which feed into each other. It all starts and ends with our outreach pillar. This is designed to encompass marketing, education, philanthropy, and influencing. Next is our state-of-the-art mining farm operations where we support the blockchain network by validating transactions. The cryptocurrency earned from this pillar is sent directly to our Bitcoin ATM infrastructure, which significantly reduces fees and holdover time. Most Bitcoin ATM operators push their fees and acquisition costs to the customers, while our mining enables industry-low fees. 
The fifth pillar is our exchange, branded Benevolence. Benevolence is an online and mobile app exchange where customers can buy/sell/trade crypto. Benevolence will continue to grow as business increases, and will soon include investing, debit card services, staking, and more. Our unique business model is unlike anything seen to date in the crypto industry. The vertical pillars will allow for industry-low fees while delivering industry-high profits to reinvest in customer satisfaction, business growth, and charitable causes.
Use of Funds 
Our team of experts has been working on perfecting our products and business model since early 2020. Our strategy has been to implement prototypes and collect data, then use that data to develop business growth strategies. We didn’t register the business and hire employees until we had hard proof about how our products and ideas would perform. Quite honestly, some ideas made the cut and some didn’t. But this means a well-polished, highly vetted business plan for our investors. Some of the funds will be used to purchase equipment such as additional ATM machines, computer servers, and mining equipment. Some will be used for software development to add some really awesome features to the exchange such as a debit card, an IRA, and a lending platform. And a large portion of the funds will be used for marketing and working capital to fuel our growth plan.  
Return Opportunity 
Italia State of Mine has seen extreme revenue growth in the early months of operation. The unprecedented experience of our team, paired with our unique market position, and astounding marketing plan have led to immediate traction. Moving forward, we expect to see this traction explode into a movement of mankind. This is one of the most profitable markets to ever exist, yet no company has taken our approach. By filling this hole in the market, we will (in time) be more profitable than any cryptocurrency company to date. This means explosive growth in the short term for a quick ROI, or for our long-term investors, life changing wealth potential. We project the company valuation to exceed $100 billion dollars.  
The team:
David Italia, Founder & CEO. David has 11 years of experience in data analytics, business management, and software development. After starting his professional career in
the financial services industry, David went on to build multiple budgeting apps. His last position prior to this was Senior Data Engineer. 
Jessica Italia, Co-Founder & COO. Jessica has 7 years of experience in
software development and technology management operations. Prior to Italia State of Mine, Jessica was a project manager of 16 multi-million-dollar technology clients for Clinical Ink (software startup company). Before Clinical Ink, Jessica served as operations manager for American Health Research.
Paul DeBellis, CMO. Paul has 20+ years of marketing & outreach experience and is a Full-spectrum digital marketing coach. Prior to Italia State of Mine, Paul owned & managed several successful businesses in various industries, including marketing and video production agencies.

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