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I run a solo mental health practice. I dream of being able to provide sex therapy.

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I run a solo private mental health practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been in mental health for over 15 years, and a therapist since 2013, and opened my private practice in 2022. I provide individual and couple therapy to adults. I specialize in both individual and relationship therapy. I treat highly sensitive individuals, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and personality disorders. In relationship counseling, I focus on many different issues, from betrayal trauma, to basic communication, to couples exploring ethical non-monogamy. I also treat couples who are questioning their relationship path. I work to help clients process negative patterns and change limiting beliefs, stop cycles of disconnection, heal emotional wounds, and adopt effective communication and secure attachment behaviors. I  believe that supporting healthy relationships lays the groundwork for treating many of society’s major problems. 
While I love being a therapist in my current capacity, I dream of being able to provide sex therapy to my clients. Many of my clients struggle with connection, negative ideas about sex, shame, and anxiety or depression, all which get in the way of pleasure and joy. 

I have a Bachelors of Arts in psychology and a Masters degree in social work. I completed my Masters thesis on child trauma. I also have several specialized certifications: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Gottman Method, and Discernment Counseling. 
EMDR is a structured therapy that encourages the client to briefly focus on the trauma memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (typically eye movements), which is associated with a reduction in the vividness and emotions associated with the trauma memories. EMDR therapy is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and PTSD symptoms. I am one of the few Certified Gottman Method couple therapists in Utah. The Gottman Method is a research-based approach that focuses on two goals: discontinuing negative communication patterns and destructive behaviors in relationships, while increasing warmth, closeness, relationship strengths, and loving bonds. Discernment counseling is a short term form of therapy geared towards supporting couples in choosing a path forward when one or both is unsure they wish to stay together.

I have chosen to undergo much specialized training in order to provide the very best, research driven modalities of therapy to my clients. I hope to be able to continue my education in order to help my clients become the most happy, healthy, and authentic versions of themselves.

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