Intotoware, Inc.

The first Hybrid Cloud platform designed specifically to eliminate the complexity & cost of architecting corporate network infrastructure; 11 beta customers, 8+ months of testing;

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- Business infrastructure is complex, expensive, resource-intensive and involves numerous vendors
- Intoto is the iPhone for business infrastructure 
- Architected for optimal performance
- Proprietary AI/ML software layer optimizes management
- Single device saves time and money, 10-minute implementation vs. days
- Comprehensive security- perimeter, endpoint and ransomware
- Intuitive console simplifies employee provisioning and management
- Annual or monthly subscription
- Intoto reduces MSPs' ticket count, response time, technical demands, which increases the profit margin
- Intoto offers Retailers a single box solution for SMBs, increase the close rate and future revenue 
- Marketplace for 3rd party applications
The Market
-Cloud services will top $397B in 2022 (Gartner)  
-Cloud IAAS, PAAS, & Management = $186 B opportunity for Intoto. (Gartner)
- Managed services 12% CAGR to $552B in 2028 (GrandviewResearch)
-50M startups annually, 5M over 5 employees (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM))
-2018, 30.2 million small businesses operating in the U.S. (SBA) 
-86% of businesses want Hybrid cloud infrastructure; optimized for performance, security and a remote workforce; want 20% overall savings (Vanson Bourne)
- 66% of small businesses will outsource services to other small businesses (Freshbooks)
- Funding for manufacturing startups up1,400% since 2012 (Statista)
- 65,000 MSPs globally managing 20M endpoints
- 2M startup jobs created annually (SBA)
The objective of the seed round is to build the initial team, secure 700 customers, achieve $5M in sales in 2022.
2021- $250K sales, 15 employees, US and EU marketing, sales, distribution and manufacturing
2022- $5M sales, 700 customers, 35 employees, cash flow positive, 2nd data centre
2023- $20M sales, 1,900 customers, 60 employees, Secure A round, 3rd & 4th data centres
2024- $40M sales, 5,000 customers, 80 employees
Our goal is 50,000 customers by the end of 2026
-  Global distribution and Managed Service Provider (MSP) channel relationships (1,000+)
- 25 years of DevOps and software development experience
- 25 years experience as a managed service provider, targeted channel for distribution
- Specialty retail sales specialist - Best Buy, CDW, Micro Focus, Office Depot
- 30 years of finance, operations, legal, tax and sales management experience
- Startup growth, 3 time Inc. 500, 3 time Inc. 5000, and 3 time Deloitte FAST 500
- CEO-2 successful software exits 
- Grew company from 20 to 235 employees in 4 years, sold to a public company
- Board Advisor - 45 years of Strategy consulting, retired McKinsey partner
- Software development- desktop management, security, AI/ML, business

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