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Want $10M to finish build out CMO (90% complete).First contract start September 2023. Aim: Valuation $1.7B 2032

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We seek $10M Seed funding and aim to have a company valuation of $1.7B by 2032 with a projected growing EBITDA of $245M. We see a huge, stable market.  The lack of sovereign CMOs worldwide makes most countries dependent on non-national sources for even the most basic needed drugs.  Our strategic plan builds national resilience, creates a sustainable foundation for further growth, generates business focused on good patient outcomes at fair prices, and addresses national security needs

As a result of our successful experience since 2016,  Interbiome Partners, LLC,  has created a near-disruptive business model and now seeks $10M seed funding for the renovation and equipage completion of our 26,000 sq ft CdMO (CMO of the Future) facility in Rockville, MD, and to have a runway for “A” round funding.  Our strategic plan is to build many re-configurable CMOFs that leverage the benefits of advanced/standardized features to significantly reduce operating costs and risks and increase facility and workforce agility.  To further lower operating costs and ensure sustainability, follow-on CMOFS may  be in OPPORTUNITY ZONES (OZ).  Investors pay no US capital gains tax if they hold the OZ investment for ten years or more. This strategy creates a two-fold benefit: creating a stable reserve facility/workforce capacity operating at a lower cost and a secure base for acquisition and expansion and the ability to self-fund further domestic and Global growth.  Once attaining FDA GMP certification, our initial manufacturing focus will include the sustainable manufacture of needed but neglected or abandoned drugs which is a very stable business.

This a low-risk investment because our staff has over 470 years of drug manufacturing business growth and management experience.  We aim to have a company valuation of $1.7B by 2032 with a projected growing annual EBITDA of over $245M.  Investors will have the first right of refusal on all subsequent developments. We send links to our documents so that you will have access to the latest version. Please check these out.
OPPORTUNITY ZONE BENEFITS:  Opportunity Zone Described - IRS   
Jack Pappas, Chief Strategy Officer,  [email protected]   +1 (301) 905-7369   

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