Intellect Asset Management

Commodity Futures Fund.

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Intellect Asset Management is a registered CFTC investment firm that operates a private commodity futures fund.  This fund is an alternative investment vehicle to traditional stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other retirement vehicles. Capital investments are managed with a strict risk framework and proprietary strategy. This fund has potential exposure to many asset classes like Equity Indices, Virtual Currencies (crypto), Currencies, and Commodities. 

 We have already taken care of the most expensive costs, and structure, like legal documents, business location, and hardware. We are looking to raise capital from investors who see potential in this alternative investing space, the AUM in the alternatives industry is rapidly growing. This fund is open to accredited investors only. Each minimum investment per investor is $25,000.  A cap is set at $750,000 per investor.  We hope to raise $750,000+ in total subscriptions, from multiple investors. Reach out for our pitch deck presentation, and our offering documents to further discuss fee structure, and strategy. 

 Thank you for your consideration, we hope to hear from you. 

*Participating in commodity futures trading or commodites options trading can lead to significant losses, as well as gains. In addition, commodity trading is highly speculative and volatile.*

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