Raising 600k-1M pre-seed to disrupt the real estate tech market with IntellCRE's AI-powered real estate investment analysis and underwriting platform.

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IntellCRE helps all real estate professionals achieve significantly higher efficiency of deal-flow and save tons of time and money by automating real estate analysis and by streamlining investment and marketing processes.
While building a multifamily fund in San Diego, I discovered I was not able to keep pace with investment opportunities. Detailed analysis of each deal takes hours if not days while we had to analyze 20-30 off-market deals every single day. We kept losing deals by offering too late or by offering too low. 
We have also been working with commercial brokers who shared they had a similar problem. It would take them weeks and thousands of dollars just to bring a deal to the market because underwriting, market research, and marketing process would take up to 6 weeks to complete.
We built the IntellCRE platform based on the needs of investors and brokers and with extensive feedback and validation process. Our patented AI technology automates the entire process - underwriting in seconds, bringing new deals to the market in under 5 minutes. Our product saves brokers and investors thousands of dollars, it supercharges their deal-flows and allows them to spend their time on clients, maxing out deals and growing their business.

We are B2B (+B2C) SaaS subscription business with fully functional beautiful product available at
We have rolled out pilot with early adopters and we already are negotiating first accounts across multifamily investor and broker segments.
Total addressable market is vast and includes 3.5M brokers solely in the US. The product is ready to scale globally even in markets outside of the US.

Our core team consists of multifamily investors who identified the problem (CEO, Anton Zajac), CRE power-broker Eric von Bluecher who is the principal of Lee&Associates San Diego and heads the multifamily advisory group of Lee&Associates, backend developer (CIO, Roman Rostar), and frontend developer and designer (CTO, Andrej Lacko).

We'd be excited to present the demo of the IntellCRE platform and provide all the information about our business and what is planned.

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