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Lab-tested Cyber Security Technology: DISA, DAH adn Raytheon

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TRL-9 Cyber security technology; cleints DISA, FBI, DoJ, ATF, Exxon, NADAQ, NIST, DoE, Alcatel Lucent ALwaernce Livermore Nat'l Labs, Raythoen, T-Mobile, Dell, renwal based revenue stream seeking seed round: $5million  
What makes IntelGARD™ unique in the market?

Timing and capability. The urgency and demand for verifiably assured privacy has been amplified by the proliferation of remote work and cyber-criminal activities. IntelGARD™ has unique capabilities and understanding of regulated industries to provide immediate, affordable and effective ransomware defense and privacy assurance.

Our technologies simplify data protection and are automatically and continuously active without human involvement or monitoring. They are also used in several NIST NCCoE projects as best practices to reduce cyber-risk across the federal government and to strengthen agencies ability to prevent and detect cyber-attacks. 

In fact, NIST uses our technology as the exclusive storage layer defense for its internal systems.

A key innovation of this technology is the placement of security control protections at the lowest layer in the security stack, as close to the attack surface as possible which is inside of each device and independent of host operating systems or access credentials. Another innovation is the implementation of protection from sabotage, modification, deletion and disclosure at the data block-level

This allows all data on the device to remain encrypted at all times, and only decrypts each data block (and only that data block) on-the-fly, so that if an intruder does penetrate higher levels of the security stack they will not be able to see any content on the device.

Our IntelGARD™ secure technologies deliver a unique capability to provide Zero Trust Architecture as a microsegment with security controls implemented at the lowest layer in the security stack to protect data from both Disclosure and Manipulation

This is done by implementing patented algorithms into the host (or Gateway) and into the hardware storage (or Device) as close to the attack surface as possible, inside the device with the data itself. 

These products provide the foundation for regulatory compliance with FINRA, SEC 17a, DoD 5015.2, NARA, GDPR, HIPAA and others. 

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