Integrity MSP Solutions

Raising 150K to purchase 49% of mature, profit making MSP account with major automotive company.

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Streamlining workforce solutions for Total Talent Acquisition needs. We help you to control cost, reduce risk and provide visibility. The only MSP with a fully integrated Direct Sourcing/Branded Talent Community  and ATS integrated within it's VMS. 

We are seeking 150K to buy out an existing partner and therefore acquire 49% of an existing MSP account that has shown year after year growth and profit.  We have received the P&L, Tax Returns and awaiting the conclusion of a financial audit that we requested on the account.  The acquiring of this account would put Integrity in the forefront of our major competitors and give us a sold base to present to prospective clients.  It would also establish us not only in the National Market, but in the International Market as well.  

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