Innovum Technologies

We are looking to raise $1M for to enable expansion and to take a primary position in our market space. TAM, SAM and SOM available along with detailed analysis on request.

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We are a provider of an innovative technology solution for regulatory compliance. Our product, InnovaLinqâ„¢, makes compliance easier and less expensive for the gaming, cannabis, and other regulated industries by automating repetitive license application, renewal and reporting processes. Our software connects individuals, companies and gaming regulators on a highly secure, web-based platform. InnovaLinq automates license applications and renewals processes with workflow and a central task manager that provides notification of upcoming events.

We are a Software-as-a-Service model, favorably positioned to our competition.  InnovaLinq is unique in that it provides a platform for complete e-filing of regulatory applications, substantially reducing the friction of traditional licensing and compliance tasks.

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Innovum Technologies is no longer seeking funding.