Innovative Billboards, LLC

Developing patented 14' x '48 outdoor scrolling billboard increasing annual profit from 4 to $40k w/ $8k investment & payback in 2 yrs (required) in $6 B US market.

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Seeking $300k investment w/ potential return on investment of 34:1 so $300k could potentially return $10 M in five years plus Cash on Cash back in 2 years.  Have raised $1.6 M and need $300k to get to market.  We have outstanding margins to support 34:1 ROI.  We have complete investor materials including Investor Deck, Cash Flow Plan, Patent w/ 10-page Write-up, Cap Table, Valuation Analysis, extensive documentation, 1/4 scale working prototype, Business Plan, animation showing how it works, etc. plus have talked to 30 potential billboard companies w/ very high interest.  All would like to buy our billboards and also met w/ 3 of the top 4 billboard companies in the US w/ very high interest (4th is not in our region).

Have an experienced management team including 10 PhDs.  Founder & CEO has 40 patents, sold over $100 M of his patented products & was named Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year.  He has an honorary doctorate for a novel breast cancer tester he developed, and he has successfully sold two companies with high multiples for owners. 

Changing billboard ads increases average revenue for billboard companies from $2k per 4 weeks to 8 customers x $1.2k per customer and increases annual billboard profit from $4k to $40k w/ a $80k investment for 2-year payback.  2-year payback is the magic number for the Value Proposition & we have extensive documentation to support this.  There are 2,000 static, 14' x 48' billboards in the US in the Addressable Market where it is economically viable to retrofit & install our scrolling billboards.  Competition is LED billboards, but they are extremely expensive.  Our billboard holds up to 12 ads and is ~ 40% the cost of LED, 50% installation & freight cost & 1/10th electricity cost.  LED is only 3% of the market due to high cost.  Our mechanically scrolling billboard has potential to revolutionize the industry and plan is to be on the market in 3Q22.  Plan is to sell to the billboard industry, and we have talked many potential customers with very high interest.  Plan is to sell 6, 12, 18, 24, & 30 billboards per state per year out of 2,000 billboards per state in the addressable market with  2-year payback. 

Manufacturing will be done in Michigan; however, motors & electronics come from China & India.  Founder has extensive experience w/ purchasing in the Orient and has had over 10 M products produced in six factories in China & one in the Philippines w/ outstanding quality and previously owned a company in Hong Kong.  Company has outstanding documentation w/ 3D drawings and 500, 2D drawings plus a fully costed Bill of Material w/ cost for every part, sub-assembly, assembly, etc. and is developing an exhaustive quality control program for outstanding quality.  Company is working w/ two world class engineering firms to verify design for long life and excellent quality.  Goal is 30-year life & 10 years w/ no maintenance and work in rain, ice, snow, hail, high wind, etc. from -50 to 150 degrees F to work around the world.

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