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One universal wallet allowing anyone in the world to send and receive any major currency instantly at no cost from a mobile phone and earn up to 8% back.

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Mobie is a complete payment ecosystem that includes a multi-functioning banking style app and mobile wallet (MobieApp™) for both consumers and merchants.  The app allows users to make purchases from their mobile phone, earn cashback rewards, send, receive, exchange, and spend cryptocurrency or cash nearly instantly.  Users currently receive cash rewards from purchases at thousands of retailers (with a goal of over 225,000 worldwide physical and online locations). Mobie lets users spend cash and cryptocurrency at stores, convert cryptocurrency into cash, buy and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies and create virtual bank accounts. 

The Mobie app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. It is an integrated digital wallet that enables users to transact with cash and cryptocurrency from their mobile device. The app combines the sharing aspects of Venmo or PayPal with the ability to pay at partner retailers like Apple or Google Pay. The App also supports fast crypto exchange functionality, like, so users can simply switch between their currencies of choice for shopping, sending, saving, and sharing.

Our mission is to provide a universal gateway that allows cash and cryptocurrencies to be easily interchangeable and equally practical to send, save and use at retail. Mobie helps close the gap between mainstream users, retailers, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. We are currently moving quickly into the mainstream US market and creating pathways for international adoption. The longer-term vision is to make using crypto as easy as cash while creating value and reward opportunities for users

The Mobie app has wide demographic appeal and works for mainstream users that are looking to get cashback rewards for buying things at their favorite stores as well as it works for sophisticated cryptocurrency users that want to have access and spend ability of their digital assets. The target market is very large in the US and massive globally.

Problem and Solution

i. The Problem
Consumers need a digital wallet that combines their assets in one place and allows them to transact fluidly in the currency of their choice. Mobile payment adoption, particularly in the United States, has been slow and lacks any real incentives for the user. Current peer-to-peer wallets can not be used to make real-time purchases. Money has to be transferred to a bank account, tied to a debit card, and then used. Early adopters of cryptocurrency have also found it too tedious and cumbersome to rely on for everyday purchases and mainstream adoption. Today’s mobile payment systems don’t offer US consumers a strong enough value proposition and are not frictionless enough for them to use consistently. Users don’t see a reason to replace their cash or credit cards with a mobile wallet partly because it is unclear how it will benefit them. Until that benefit is obvious, they’re unlikely to change their behavior.

ii. Our Solution
Mobie enables people to shop, send, spend, and earn using a variety of currencies instantly at top retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, SMBs, etc. Users who refer others to the Mobie platform will receive rewards deposited directly to their own Mobie wallet. The more they spend, the greater the rewards. Users can also seamlessly load their Mobie wallet with cash or cryptocurrency, allowing them to use either instantly for everyday transactions. Our goal is to remove the friction and simplify payments and currency conversion for everyone giving more people, more access.

Products & Services

  • Mobile App & Wallet 
The digital wallet is available on Apple and Google platforms globally. Ability to add cash or cryptocurrency to users' wallets. Able to send and receive payments in selected 
currencies. Able to shop and popular retailers using cash or cryptocurrency. Able to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies.

  • Web App & Wallet
Web-based platform to manage accounts and streamline accounting. Retailer portal coming soon for businesses to accept multiple currencies at low transaction costs

  • In-App Currency Conversion
Multi-currency support for digital assets and the ability to buy, sell and exchange directly inside the app. Ability to exchange in-app while shopping to enable spending of any asset held with the wallet

  • Payment Gateway for Cash and Crypto
Enables users and businesses to fluidly bring fiat and digital currencies into and back out of the Mobie ecosystem. Top up and withdraw funds as needed

  • Earn/Savings/Rewards
In-app staking models for competitive returns and enhanced membership status. Cashback on purchases from a wide range of popular retailers. 

  • Charity Donations
A portal within the app to allow sending cash or digital assets to a charity or donation all of a portion of rewards to a charitable foundation

Business Model

Mobie generates revenue whenever the wallet is used and we pull percentages from currency transfer and conversion fees.  Mobie will also collect user data at multiple points to create a powerful demographically targeted database.

i. Commission from Retailers 
Mobie retains an average of 6.5% on purchases when the platform is used at physical and online stores.  Using a portion of this revenue we are able to offer cashback rewards to users and incentivize mass adoption through affiliate rewards.

ii. Merchant Processing Fees
Mobie will provide retailers with a way to accept cash and cryptocurrency while offering very competitive processing rates. 

iii. Selling Cryptocurrencies
The in-app Mobie exchange provides competitive rates for currency conversion and shopping while generating micro fees for each transaction.

iv. Exchange Fees
Mobie will generate revenue from transaction fees just like Venmo and Cash App.  We will charge anywhere between $1 to 5%

Marketing Plan

Mobie’s critical marketing strategy lies in data-rich high-value audience segments based on first-party, third-party, and real-time location data to target in-demographic users right at the point of purchase to convert the sale to an opportunity to pay with Mobie.  This mass adoption strategy incentivizes the general “non-crypto” market to adopt Mobie as a payment method because of the rewards infrastructure we provide.  Subsequently, Mobie brings these users through a multi-tiered rewards funnel that gradually introduces crypto principles in a similar fashion to credit card points and membership tiers.  This gradual, education-focused approach to onboarding creates a loyal customer base who value Mobie and operate exclusively within our ecosystem.

Concurrently to this mass-market adoption strategy, Mobie has a loyal crypto native customer base and growing adoption within the crypto ecosystem because of the competitive go-to-market advantage of the crypto payments.  Through blockchain endemic partnerships and native advertising with third-party press syndicate partners, Mobie establishes itself within the crypto ecosystem as the “A1" brand to facilitate B2B payments and operate as a B2C payments solution for making purchases with digital assets. 

Mobie will be adding social networking features within the application and launch an affiliate rewards program that will pay cashback against purchases made. To boost adoption rates we will be paying users that refer friends and family with cash rewards that they can use on their device instantly. Mobie will also offer cash incentives to new users who sign up to the platform through our retail partnerships.

The Deal
500K-1M in investment for return of 1M-2M investment. Liquidity Event Target: 12 months for Series A raise.

1st $500k in gets 15% bonus in MBX. Priced based on average of the last 3 months price with a lock up for 12 months.
2nd $500k in gets 7.5% bonus in MBX. Priced based on average of the last 3 months price with a lock up for 12 months

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