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Informeta is a cloud-based, distributed financial data platform built to solve the many problems generally found with existing financial data management solutions.  These problems include:

  • Lack of common standards -- Disparate, non-aligned, non-standardized data sources make it difficult and time-consuming for users to consume and integrate data into their workflows.   
  • Lack of power and flexibility -- DaaS providers such as Nasdaq DataLink, Xignite, etc., and even larger providers such as Bloomberg deliver data in formats that require considerable manipulation on users' part to actually use in their analysis.
  • Expensive -- Legacy information terminal services are expensive, cumbersome, and generally force users to buy much more functionality than they actually need.  In addition further time, expense, and expertise is required for users to get the data they need out of these products. 
Informeta overcomes these problems by providing standardized, uniform access to available data sources along with the power and simplicity needed to move data directly from the platform into users' workflows and analysis.  Key features of Informeta include:

  • Normalized, unified access to a comprehensive virtual database of all available data sources
  • Simultaneous access to data from multiple sources means never having to download, sort, and join data again
  • Wizards and template libraries that work right out of the box, no extra time wasted learning proprietary technologies
  • A powerful query language for both consuming and saving data, no macros, links, or programming required
  • Cost-effective pricing model, purchase only the drivers you need for both free and premium data sources
  • Data on-demand with no pre-parsing or loading of data needed
  • Data expiry logic and multi-level caching for speed, efficiency, and data cost savings 

Informeta is a powerful financial data platform designed to meet the needs of the most demanding asset managers, hedge funds, banks, and other financial institutions. With extensive expertise in finance, technology, and data management, we have developed a platform that addresses the challenges faced by businesses in financial data management.

The financial data management market is experiencing robust growth, with a projected value of $25 billion by 2025 and a CAGR of 10%. Informeta is well-positioned to capture significant market share share with its powerful, unique, cutting-edge solution to financial data management, and is a compelling choice for businesses seeking efficient and comprehensive financial data management solutions in the dynamic market landscape.

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