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I am excited to bring an indoor playground and cafe to Clay county, FL. The frustration of trying to figure out how to entertain your children (regardless of the weather) and grab a coffee for yourself is a thing of the past. 

The entertainment center will have a large playground area for children ages 3-12 that features sensory activities, climbing objects, and imagination play. It will provide an enclosed soft play area for children ages 0-3 that features soft climbing cubes, building blocks, and creativity boosters. In a separate area, there will be a “hangout” for children ages 13-young adult. The hangout will feature ping pong, air hockey, corn hole, and more, as well as music selection, chair swings, and fun lights. The center will provide a café with snacks, beverages, and plenty of seating. There will be rooms designated for birthday parties and a space to support other local small businesses up front. 

The target customers will be women ages 22-50 with at least one child. The second target customers will be the growing community of homeschool families. Clay county is a family based population with over 30,000 residents. The county continues to build numerous residential communities increasing the population each year. 

There are two direct competitors in the area: Get Air Trampoline Park and Sprouts. Get Air appeals to ages 5-12, struggles with cleanliness and safety, and is not affordable. Sprouts appeals to ages 1-6, is super cute, but only open a few days a week. Neither of these competitors sells snacks and drinks. My advantage would be appealing to children of all ages and selling snacks and drinks.

Once the business is able to receive funding, secure a building, complete construction, and open, the indoor playground will soar. Two months prior to opening I will need to hire a general manager to assist me full-time, as well as, three part-time employees to help around the front desk, the playgrounds, the gaming area, and the cafe. My goal would be to pay back investors and loans within two years, three years max. By the time the five year lease is up on the building, I would love to grow the business to a larger space, upgrade the equipment, and add more party rooms to maximize profits.

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