Innovation & Tech Project,

Just Looking some Funds to Start my Startup,

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Hello Gentlemen's / Investors.

@I'll be back very very quickly with a New Tech Project.

Please note, that I just renewed my subscription on, August,27, 2021.

#My ad is up to date and will be up to date#

Following my previous project which was to make cheap and smart little houses, having done a lot of research on other angel investor sites, it turns out that 4 people copied my idea, so I don't like the competition, and I am upset.  

Dear investors, having said that, I will come back as soon as possible with other projects which are based in Innovation and Tech - We are talking about the future.  

Investors, know that in the greatest importance, I am looking for 1 single investor, of American and European Nationality.

Thank you to all the investors who read my ex project and contacted me.

My email private email is: [email protected]

Best Regards,

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