Imperial Interprises Inc.

500,000 shares at $2.50 to raise $1.25 Million to capture new business, update equipment, increase capacity and add efficiencies.

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Imperial Enterprises Inc., a Texas company founded in 2019 has executed their plan to acquire three companies in the specialty steel manufacturing sector. Through these wholly owned subsidiaries the company offers an end-to-end production process. Imperial’s vertical of services and products consists of; forging, precise machining, stress and tempering services, etc. The main differentiators are Imperial’s proprietary chemical and steel manufacturing processes.

Each of Imperial’s companies have over 30 years of operations and the acquisition plan maintained all key personnel. Additionally, the plan has completed facility upgrades, retrofits, equipment replacement and IT. A combination of quality products and services as well as long standing relationships affords preferential steel pricing, long-term contracts, security clearance, critical vendor status with the DOD, (Naval Submarines) contracts with Aerospace, as well as oil industry.

Being Imperial is a Reg D entity, it can only have up to 35 non accreditted investors. This is where Ask For Funding comes into play. 

Imperial will use Ask For Funding's platform to allow the general public a chance to group their money together and make an investment into their pre-IPO.  In addition, Imperial will create a public spreadsheet that will display the number of shares and investor's initials, as a tracker for transparency. If the goal isn't met, investors will still have the opportunity to move foward with the amount raised.

500,000 shares at $2.50 a share, with a $6.00 a share warrant, and a $12.50 Call.

If you are an accreditted investor and would like to invest directly, please leave us a message.

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