Imbue shower aroma therapy shower head.

$200K needed to produce and market a patented aromatherapy shower head.

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Significant equity in this start up.  We have one patent assigned and another patent pending. Capital is needed for injection molding, first product run, packaging, and marketing.  The essential oil market is a multi billion dollar market.   Essential oils users actively look for new ways to include essential  oils into their everyday life.  Properly marketed, this an easy sell.   Future uses for this product include  dispersal of topical medications for treatment of skin ailments, infestations, and decontamination.   R&D needed for these future applications.    
     Both disposable and refillable cartridges can be used.  The millions of essential oil users in the United States and around the world will find the ability to refill cartridges with the essential oil of their choice a very attractive feature,  while disposable cartridges will appeal to boutique hotels, spas, and resorts.   You can visit, click the “about” tab to watch our PROTOTYPE video. 

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