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Raising 300k for acquisition of three profitable Assisted Living locations to expand on our current AFC/Assisted Living operation.

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I currently own and operate Ide Adult Foster Care Home, an Adult Foster Care Home/Assisted Living Facility for the elderly and developmentally disabled located in Eaton Rapids, MI. My current business has been licensed by the state of Michigan, owned and operated by myself and my family since 1994. I recently became aware of three additional assisted living/senior care facilities in the mid-Michigan area for sale by a single seller, which would be an excellent expansion of my current business.  My goal is to purchase these three operating & profitable locations and build on the successful business model in place at all three locations while combining it with the successful model I have utilized since opening my own business 29 years ago. All three facilities I am interested in acquiring are already licensed establishments through the state of Michigan as well. Because of this, the change in ownership would be a flawless one, not requiring any downtime or extensive measures that would cause a disruption in the efficiency of how the three locations and my current business are all currently running.  I am seeking $300k to assist with the acquisition of those three additional, profitable locations. 

Because I have owned an AFC Home/Assisted Living Facility already for so many years, I am fully aware as an owner, operator, and direct care worker of what works, and what doesn’t. There is no doubt that I will experience situations that I haven’t before during this scaling process, but being familiar with the industry regulations, policies and procedures will allow for quick and efficient problem-solving for many years to come. The potential of owning four facilities at the same time will also allow for a significant increase in cash flow that can be used for future expansion and growth of any of the four homes. My current business is located on 4 acres and all three additional locations are located on between 2-14 acres, allowing the ability to add-on to the existing structures or build an entirely new structure on any of the properties to accommodate additional clients and significantly increase revenue. All three locations are located within a reasonable distance from my current business as well, which would allow for easy and successful ownership over all four businesses with minimal time taken to navigate between them all when needed.

In addition to my expertise in the industry, my daughter, Hannah, will also be assisting me through the acquisition and day-to-day functions of all three businesses, further ensuring success.  My daughter was raised around our business and exposed daily to the care of our clients, naturally allowing her to gain the same passion for the care of others that I’ve possessed for so many years.  Hannah has over 8 years experience as a Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer within Mental Health Organizations with a focus on policies and regulations for Assisted Living Facilities & Adult Foster Care Homes. She possesses a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). 

As the owner/operator of three new businesses in addition to my own, I plan to be very hands-on with the management of all locations inclusive of training and direct consumer care duties. My daughter will be the key individual in charge of all financial and business aspects of the operations. Together, we will work with the current managers and direct care employees to ensure they are a great fit going forward and provide additional support and training as needed to meet our expectations of how the businesses should be running from a client experience standpoint. This will allow for an overall line of sight into every angle of the businesses to ensure continued success for years to come.

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