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Hybrid of all successful apps. Exceed expectations of app users wants, needs, and desires. This mobile app will be an alternative to the workforce. The complete opposite! Target audience will be employees that dislike their jobs. 
The funds will go towards the  creation of the mobile app. I would like all envisioned features. And the purchase of 2 customized  kiosk machines. It will be placed in heavy traffic areas. I will hire 10 independent contractors. Advertising and funds for a legal team. Every user will be an asset. Funds will cover copyrights, patents, logo and registration of the intellectual property. Investor will get 25% of all capital.(negotiable) I will charge $5 to download the app. $5 Monthly fee for the account. $25Charge users if they need assistance creating an account. And the money maker is my secret ingredient. Please become part of this exciting journey!

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