Have you ever dreamed of being part of an exciting journey with a rising star in the tech world? Well, your opportunity is knocking, and it's called iBidd.com!

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iBidd Prospectus
We are thrilled to introduce iBidd, a pioneering virtual marketplace poised to transform online buying, selling, and advertising experience. With groundbreaking features, a unique fee structure, and operating as a virtual company, iBidd is positioned for rapid growth and market dominance. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and contribute to the future of e-commerce.
Business Overview:
iBidd is more than just a marketplace; it's a disruption in the making. Our platform offers unprecedented features like "Make Mine First," "Highlighted Ads," and "Urgent to Sell." Advertisers can harness the power of exclusive "Banner Ads," and sellers can even promote items listed on other platforms through our innovative "Linkbacks" feature. At the core of iBidd is a commitment to user-friendly transactions – no seller fees and the freedom to use individual payment gateways.
Key Features:
Banner Ads: Reach a broad audience through exclusive banner ads.
Linkbacks: Advertise and sell items listed on other platforms from iBidd.
Video Ads: List and promote your ads with engaging video listings.
Highlighted Ads: Make your listings stand out with visually appealing highlights.
Make Mine First: Boost visibility by prioritizing listings at the top of relevant searches.
Urgent to Sell: Mark items as "Urgent to Sell" for time-sensitive offers.
Dynamic Search: Explore beyond local listings and find exactly what you're looking for.
Your Payment Gateway: Keep your profits intact by using your own payment gateway.
Unique Selling Proposition (USP):
iBidd stands out by not charging any seller fees, allowing users to retain their profits. The flexibility to use personal payment gateways adds another layer of convenience. As a virtual company, iBidd is not subject to today's employment and supply chain issues, ensuring exceptionally low operating costs.
Financial Objectives:
The funds raised will be strategically allocated for marketing campaigns, platform enhancements, and operational scalability. This investment will drive user acquisition, feature development, and overall marketplace expansion.
Target Audience:
Buyers: Individuals seeking a diverse range of products and services in a user-friendly and dynamic online marketplace.
Sellers: Individuals and businesses looking for a platform with no seller fees and maximum visibility for their products.
Advertisers: Companies and individuals interested in reaching a large and engaged audience through innovative banner ads.
Revenue Model:
iBidd generates revenue through monthly subscriptions, targeted advertising, and optional premium features. The absence of seller fees positions iBidd as an attractive platform, fostering increased user satisfaction and participation.
Use of Funds:
The funds raised will be utilized for:
Marketing initiatives to drive user acquisition.
Technological enhancements and feature development.
Operational scalability to accommodate the growing user base.
iBidd Assets:
iBidd's valuable assets include the Trademark: iBidd, Domain Names, iBidd.com Website, Mobile Apps on Google and IOS platforms, Software Source Code, and, most importantly, our dedicated iBidd Team members.
Investment Opportunity:
Investing in iBidd presents a unique opportunity to be part of a game-changing virtual marketplace with a robust business model, unique features, and substantial growth potential. iBidd is poised to redefine the online marketplace landscape and provide a lucrative return on investment.
Contact Information:
For further details or to express interest in this investment opportunity, please contact:
iBidd Inc.,
8 The Green, Suite A, 12044
Dover, Delaware 19901

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