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Hyype Space is the martech experiential marketing platform for brands, influencers, and charities (among others) to run monitored social media challenges. No more hashtags to make the connection with your consumers, followers, or audience and it’s far easier for them to find your Challenge. 

Create your Challenge. Post out on your social channels to drive your connections to enter via the Hyype Space app. Get your connections to vote daily during the Challenge timeline. And provide prizes to your Challenge entrants. 

Create more engagement with your consumers, followers, or donors. Connect with them in a fun authentic way which creates a more lasting bond. Make Challenges part of your social media and marketing strategy year-round. 

The content on Hyype Space is 100% vetted by real humans, which means harmful discourse, dangerous challenges, and anything that may harm an individual/company's reputation will not be allowed on the platform.

Market Validation:

Media industry analysts predicted a slowdown in the growth of the advertising sector in 2023. Investments in creator-economy startups plummeted by a significant 79%, compared to the same quarter in 2022. In response to economic challenges, major social networks are scaling back on creator programs and experiencing company-wide layoffs, illustrating a challenging landscape for the industry.

With that being said, social media is still key for businesses:

  • 81% report that social media increases accountability for businesses

  • 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers

  • 76% of social media users have purchased something they saw on social media

So it’s up to businesses  to find a new avenue to innovate online, and that path is experiential marketing.

Business Model:

Sponsored Challenges (Companies)
  • Cost: $400 per week + extra charge for website hosting.
  • Ability to license video entries for use across social platforms as UGC.
  • Experiential Campaign to directly reach and engage consumers. 
  • Access to a Host Portal which includes all the demographic information and emails of participants for retargeting. 
Pay-to-Enter Challenges
  • Cost: 15% of total money earned.
  • Entry fee set by Challenge Creator, from $1 to $10.
  • The creator takes 35% while 20% goes into a prize pool, incentivizing more people to participate to increase prizes and profits.
  • Access to a Host Portal which includes all the demographic information and emails of participants for retargeting.
Donate-to-Win Challenges (Charities)
  • Cost: Administrative fee of 6% of all money raised.
  • Entry fee set by Charity, from $1 to $10.
  • The  Charity can earn up to 64% of total money raised. 
  • Option to set custom prizes or have 10% go to a prize pool.
  • Access to a Host Portal which includes all the demographic information and emails of participants for retargeting.
In-App Purchases
Thunderous Applause
  • Equivalent to 10 standard claps.
  • Packages of 1 ($2.99), 2 ($4.99), and 5 ($9.99).
Data & Product Research
  • Cost: Flat fee determined by use.
  • Alternative use of the platform via Private Challenges, invite-to-participate.
  • Examples are: product research; HR solution for employee engagement; event engagement/participation; and more.
  • Cost: Percentage determined by deal.
  • Partnerships with other companies, Saas Platforms, and advertising agencies to help clients achieve targeted goals.

Our Target Demo

Our target is an expert at short-form social media videos, and perhaps an aspiring creator themselves. They are primarily Gen A and Gen Z,  in school or recent graduates. They grew up with social media, check their feeds multiple times a day, and love Challenges.

They are also Millennials (moms, gamers, dance, food, comedy, cosplayers, athletes, etc.) who were at the forefront of the creation of social media. They are looking for a new platform, after the recent waves of issues with the major social networks, such as Instagram trying to offboard this generation, to onboard Gen A and Z, in hopes to out do TikTok, as well as the shadowbanning and the oversaturation of unwanted content. This generation is fed up with the state of social media and looking for alternative options. 

Hyype Space is Growing!

  • Members have increased 8X since 4/6/23
  • Over 2000 Challenges have been created in less than a year

Valuation & Ask

  • Hyype Space is valued at $12 million as of August 2023
  • We are  seeking to raise $12 million for a 4 year total coverage; $2.1 million for year, at 15% equity for $2.1 million

If interested, please use this link to book a call with us.

Also, check out our Deck for a Visual Presentation on Hyype Space.

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