HYSCRAM-SA Propulsion Systemhr

Raising $3.0 million to build single stage to orbit (SSTO) hypersonic hybrid scramjet space flight demonstrator

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HyperSpace is developing the worlds first single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) air breathing hybrid scramjet powered space plane for space travel. From Port to port, runway to runway, we bring long distance travel through space to everyone in a matter of minutes....the future of space is time travel! New York to Sydney in 2 hours, New York to Dubai 1 hour and a half, New York to Paris 25 minutes. We are green! We fly hydrogen, the next green fuel for space flight with the advantage of not having to carry oxygen, as traditional rockets do. Our engine technology breathes naturally through the atmosphere as we ascend, with no carbon emissions, to fly through space “in the space in between”, between 250,000 feet and 400,000 feet. The space around earth which is not used and is open to be owned and commanded in the future of space travel. HyperSpace  is to build SPACESTAR, our hybrid spaceplane design which will payload up to 50 tons, or 200 passengers half way around the world at Mach 25. The company is building on its leadership position in hypersonics and space access with its Department of Defense US Navy Contract to finish the design of a sub-scale engine demonstrator and flight test in its HYRAM-XV proof of concept space vehicle. The company is raising a first Round of preferred equity financing of $3.0 million to build the sub-scale hypersonic engine through wind tunnel and ground tests in conjunction with the Navy. The engine will be fully 3D printed by one of its newest industry partners who are leaders in the field. The companies business model is leveraging success in its Navy program and taking that and scaling up to the commercial space flight program and production of SPACESTAR, with all the major airlines, and space airlines as its customers. The companies Navy program with HYRAM-XV engine and vehicle demonstrator, along with private capital funding puts it in production to first revenue in 2024 of $600 million, following successful test flights at the end of 2023. The company has secured strong partnerships in industry and defense to ensure success through all its technical and engineering milestones, and a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. A management team and Board of Advisors steeped in decades of successful experience in hypersonics and space flight makes up operations of HyperSpace, from building some of the most successful hypersonics programs in the United States including the NASA-NASP Program in the early nineties, NASA X-43 in the late 90s, Lockheed’s VentureStar in early 2000s, and Boeing X-51 in early 2010s. The company anticipates a full-scale prototype of SPACESTAR to be completed by 2026, with pre-order sales to airlines/spacelines by 2023 of up to 24 space planes back logged and $18.0 billion in pre-production revenue, this setting the stage for move into production in 2025-2026 and flight operations with certified space vehicles for its customers by 2028.

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