Hyprlift, Inc.

We're building an EV unlike any other. We've been called "the Tesla of the elevator industry".

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At Hyprlift Inc., we're building an electric vehicle (EV) unlike any other. Our EV is designed to travel vertically in an elevator shaft and will soon replace traditional cabled elevators in high-rise buildings. What's more, the emergence of our technology will radically disrupt and revolutionize a multibillion-dollar industry that's not seen significant innovation in well over a hundred years. For this reason, we've been called "the Tesla of the elevator industry".

As the demand for space in densely populated urban areas increases, the need for taller buildings becomes paramount. Traditional elevators consume an enormous amount of valuable space in tall buildings, space that could otherwise be generating millions of dollars each year for the building operator. Unlike traditional elevators that rely on cables to hoist the cab up and down in a dedicated shaft, Hyprlift cabs are self-propelled by a proprietary onboard tractive drive system that engages with the shaft and propels cabs at high speed. By omitting the cables, Hyprlift allows multiple cabs to travel within the same shaft, thereby reducing the number of required shafts and freeing up valuable space. A case study conducted using the One World Trade Center shows Hyprlift requiring 33% less space than the traditional elevator systems, space valued at nearly $6M USD per year.
The Hyprlift team recently completed the construction of a working proof-of-concept using funds awarded to us by the National Science Foundation (NSF). As a result of our success thus far, we will be receiving additional funding from the NSF later this year to construct a full-scale prototype. This prototype will be constructed in our R&D facility in Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley).

In the meantime, we are raising a $1M seed round using the post-money SAFE with a $10M valuation cap.

Please see our pitch deck and letters of support attached below.
Hyprlift Pitch Deck 220801.pdf2.93 MB
Please visit our website at www.hyprlift.com for more information about Hyprlift, our team, our advisory council, and our mission.

James Hutchinson
Founder & CEO
Hyprlift, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

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