Hyder Handcrafted

Raising $150,000 in order to scale the business to meet continued demand

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We are a family-run laser business specializing in the manufacturing and direct sales of wooden bucket list travel maps. We are experiencing continual fast-paced growth and request funding to secure a larger work space, more equipment, and larger quantities of materials and supplies. 

I am Chasen, the owner/operator of Hyder Handcrafted. I’ve been in lasers for 4 years, and started this business 4 years ago. This is my full time job, and we hired our first employee at the start of September. Our potential for output has increased dramatically! We are limited only by space and equipment. The demand for our products is incredibly high, but our machinery can’t keep up with us.

We are seeking funding in the amount of $150,000 for the acquisition of a larger workspace, 4 more laser machines, and the purchasing of materials and supplies in greater quantities. 

We are in the business of inspiring people to get out and explore this world around us. We make bucket list travel maps geared toward many hobbies and interests, and we will continue adding more regularly! Whether you’re into National Parks, baseball stadiums, haunted places, roadtrips, hockey arenas, or anything else out there, we can make a specially designed map for you!

I appreciate you taking the time to read about our business, and hope you may find an interest in working with us! 

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