Caring For Caregivers

Expanding coaching for caregivers - 1:1, ALFs, Hospital Systems to reduce caregiver burnout and turnover

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I am writing to request support for a long term approach to caring for our aging population - your parents, loved ones who require or will caregivers. As our population continues to age with an average increase of seniors needing hands-on support is expected to increase by over 8.4% each year until 2050. Those are the numbers of loved ones who will need care and hence caregivers. Unfortunately, many of these caregivers are not adequately prepared for the demands of their job, emotionally, mentally, physically,  leaving due to burn-out with both the caregiver and the person receiving the care suffer.  This only captures the caregivers (nurses, CNAs, etc) that are paid to provide care. The unpaid caregivers have to suffer the burnout, feeling of alienation with little to no support. 

My coaching program is two fold:
  1. educating/supporting directly Hospitals, Assistive Living Facilities, Home Care and Hospice companies on burnout, 1 on 1 coaching to caregivers, increased resources that does not involve HR, improved tools to reduce stress, tools to address immediate stressful situations, personalized plans geared toward the caring environment. Providing education, long-term, forward thinking financial proof of benefit from reduced burnout, hence lower turnover rates, increased job satisfaction and improved medical and personnel satisfaction outcomes for those receiving the care.
    1. Financially turnover varies but can create a significant cost to a healthcare system (hospital, ALF, etc) in cost of recruitment and training:  cost for advertising, screening, interviewing, background checks, incentive payouts. Once hired in training, orientation, shadowing, etc
    2. The cost in loss of productivity, increased demand on remaining staff, forced overtime to physically meet caregiving needs, loss of expertise, reduced quality of care and lower customer ratings - resulting in lower payments from insurance/Medicare/Medicaid .
    3. On average a healthcare organization will have to pay between $40,000 and $60,000 to replace a single experienced caregiver. 
    4. Since 2020, 18% of health providers have left, with another 30 to 50% thinking of leaving health care. With 4.7 million nurses expected and an equal number of paid caregivers (CNA's, paid home caregivers) are expected to retire by 2030. In addition an expected 13 million positions in nursing, alone will need to be filled over the next 10 years. (Zippia)
  2. 1:1 coaching with family, friends, unpaid caregivers in the home to reduce feelings of alienation, anger, frustration, loss by providing personalized sessions, tools unique to that situation and persons. Allowing family/friends to care for their loved ones in the comfort of their own homes, reducing the burden on ALFs who may have an average ration of one caregiver per 20 residents.
I believe my program will not only benefit caregivers, their loved ones/clients, but also the healthcare industry as a whole. By improving the quality of care and reducing turnover rates, the cost of healthcare will be reduced, and patient outcomes will improved. Reduced caregiver burnout, will reduce overall health costs as well. We are currently in a state of caregiver insanity - we cannot continue with the same approach and expect better outcomes. My program breaks this insanity.

I am seeking funding of $50,000 in order to launch this program. The funds will be used to develop training materials, hire coaches to deliver my program, implement in local ALFs, hospitals and most importantly to reach those who caregive alone. I am confident that my program will make a significant impact on how we tackle caregiver burnout, thinking outside the current box being used by the health care industry.  I know my plan can make a positive, future thinking, long-term approach with immediate support to the lives of caregivers and the loved one receiving care. I hope that you will see the value in supporting this effort.

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