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Raising $1M to Disrupt the Smart Home Industry #IoT #AI #Privacy

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We're a home automation company that brings all your Smart Home/Business devices onto 1 App (for iOS and Android). Key differentiators and notes:

1. We're a privacy-first company. None of your Smart Home device data is stored in a cloud. It all resides in the Hubsai Hub within your home/business to maintain REAL data privacy and ensure no one can hack it and use the information for nefarious purposes. 
2. Our unique multi-hub capabilities allow Smart Homeowners to manage all devices across multiple properties in a single App. MFH property managers and owners can manage hundreds of units from the Hubsai App as well.
3. Hubsai is fully operable and installed in about 2 dozen properties: Single Family Homes, Apartment Buildings and Small Businesses.
4. Residential and commercial Smart Home users get insurance discounts.
5. Resellers (think hardware stores) and Installers are clamoring to work with us.
6. We're the first company to release Apple Watch 6 integration. Just the beginning of our use of advance AI technology.
7. The Smart Home market will be a $135B market by 2025:

Our goal to raise $1M will be reached in the next 60 days via Angel Investor's we're in talks with and our crowdfunding site: 
Please contact me anytime with questions or to speak with our CEO Mike Ghodoosian:  
Boris Palanov
Head of Sales
[email protected]

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