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Seeking $25k to assist in the growth of a livestock feed store in CO.

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Semi-rural livestock feed store just outside Colorado Springs. Location and suppliers are active. We need a more capital for equipment,  to streamline the supply.  There’s a large need in the surrounding communities for a livestock feed. After local social media  discussions concerning the demand for a local feed store, I received a great response including numerous, large customers who will be buying thousands of pounds of feed a month. My only fear is not being able to keep up. What’s needed is more equipment, for the large demand.  Most of the bulk feed will be hauled internally from co-ops throughout Colorado. We think it’s best to haul our own feed from these locations back to our “base”, to save hundreds in individual delivery fees. Even with the current high priced bulk feed we can still make a decent profit percentage if we can haul our own hay and bulk feed. I own the truck for hauling and a new dump trailer for local deliveries up to 8500 pounds, but need a gooseneck triple axel trailer capable of hauling 7-10 tons per load to be efficient and not waste money and increase maintenance doing multiple runs per day. Supply and demand. I have the demand. 
Thank you, Allen 

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