HRM Holdings LLC

Seeking $5m for a 50% equity partnership for an 8 unit multi-family rental property on a corner lot in West Hollywood, CA

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Approximately $10m 8 unit multi-family rental property in the heart of West Hollywood, CA... needs a new owner! 

You pay $5m for a 50% equity share, I take out $5m loan and manage the property/business. I do all the work!  You are paid 50% monthly/quarterly profits, and if/when we sell, earn 50% of sale. 

It's a corner lot, and the land is priceless.  It is zoned for the city of Los Angeles, but walking distance to everything in West Hollywood, which are beneficial from a management perspective.

Seeking a 3+ year commitment, but hopefully this is the first property of our real estate empire together for many years to come. 

I currently manage 3 multi-family buildings in Hollywood, for another company. They started with one building, and now have 70+ around Southern California.

Don't pay $2.5m in taxes on your $5m income,  Make it work for you by investing with me!

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