Hotwright Inc.

Raising $500k-$2million to disrupt the field of computing with FPGAs. This is a pure software play.

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I founded the field of computing with FPGA., The NoISA processor, can be used in edge and IoT applications, LLMs, and other AI applications.  FPGAs have made great strides in computing. Most of the FPGA based solutions don't use ISA based processors but hard-configured, meaning that to change the behavior, they have to reconfigure the FPGA. This takes an immense amount, which regulates FPGAs to single-point solutions.   This is the main reason you don't find FPGAs everywhere. The NoISA processor solution is an enabling technology that allows the programmer to put more software in hardware, which will achieve more design wins for the multi-billion dollar FPGA based computing sector. 

I currently have half of the solution, which is a product in its own right.  I need funds to market and sell the Hotstate Machine and to continue the creation of the ultimate FPGA compiler. My business model is a royalty-based model charging on a "cores per device" basis, just like ARM. The funds will also help create IP controllers and applications that can be used in the AI industry and custom coprocessors for RISCV processors.

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