Horse Boarding Facility

Opening a family friendly horse boarding facility. Would like to raise $400,000 to help purchase the property and start our business.

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There are multiple horse boarding facilities that we have come across that do not provide a family friendly environment.  There are 4 primary horse boarding facilities in Castle Rock, CO which provide horse boarding, but they specifically cater towards showing, selling, and breading horses.  We will be a family owned and operated horse boarding facility and our main goal is to provide safe housing and care for horses.  Our horse boarding facility will be catered towards our families wants/needs for their horse.  We provide as much care to our family's horses as they would like.  It is our job to make families and their horses feel at home.
Castle Rock Co, is growing at a very fast pace. There are plans for housing developments to build over ten thousand units/houses within the next five to ten years, many of these subdivisions will be close to our horse boarding barn. The target market will be families seeking a family friendly barn, people wanting to learn more about horses and local schools for educational field trips.
The Facility
The current horse boarding facility has been around for 30+ years and there are horses that are currently being boarded.  There are 17 acres of land on the property-42 horse stalls total with an indoor and outdoor arena.  We would like to come in and make a seamless transition to keep our current families and their horses happy.   Though we are starting a new business in our name, the current business has been active in the community for many years.
Our Team & Experience
We are a family owned and operated horse boarding facility.  The team will be both Myself and my wife completing all aspects of our horse boarding business.  I was raised with horses and know the ins and outs of providing quality care to horses.  I have experience showing and breeding horses.

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