HomeStay Limited Company

Raising $250k -500k for Real estate company

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We are a Real estate investment company investing in low-income properties with several short-term rental platforms.

We acquire long-term (12months) rentals from properties with low tenant occupancy to make a profit via short-term rental platforms .

We furnish  the long-term rentals  or find fully furnished rentals that are ideal to making a profit. If we do in fact furnish the properties, the items we use to furnish the properties , are fully insured as well by us, to assure their is no lost of investment on any of the items used to furnish the properties.

We fully insure the properties as well to assure the property owners that if and when their is any damage, we will cover those damages ,keeping the property in a sale ready state for future tenants.

We’ve run our business model by more then 100 properties and they are very interested in doing business with us.

The only issue is Homestay Limited Company doesn’t have the funds to operate,thus

We are looking for initial funding of $250k-$500k to redeem properties that we have established a clear relationship with and for potential properties that we hope to acquire that we have in mind in the very near future.

If you have any questions ,feel free to contact us and we will respond within 5-10mins

Best Regards,
                         Homestay Limited Company

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