Hologress / Buddy Builder™

Raising 1 Million to build AI powered intelligent 3D humans.

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Buddy Builder™ simplifies the creation of intelligent AI-powered digital humans. 

DECK----- https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BPJ_TYVPZafi6Yb0R_4_zE6t3Fmwi0PbRHhHmdzAPgk/edit?usp=sharing

Our resilient team embarked on this journey in 2018. Since the start of Hologress, we have identified an incredible opportunity to develop a software tool that gives the game development industry the ability to create digital human characters.

Game/simulator Development: As of early 2021, we have launched our Early Alpha Access to Buddy Builder™ - Digital Human Platform. Since the initial release, we have 300+ studios and indie developers signed up waiting for the full release which is planned to come out in July of this year.

Fashion/Apparel: Since our early release, Buddy Builder™ generated enough noise to organically gain attraction from the fashion/apparel industry (an unseen huge market potential) we have been approached by huge players in the space.

The massive problem Buddy Builder™ solves for them --- In the fashion/apparel space, before releasing a product they have to get samples manufactured, hire expensive models, rent costly studio space, and pay high-end photographers before even selling a product on their site. With the use of Buddy Builder™, they can sidestep that entire process. Buddy Builder™ gives the fashion/apparel industry the ability to digitize their entire product lines then, use digital humans to model products. This allows them to showcase products rapidly to gauge adoption before even sewing a seam at a plant.

Revenue model
Game development industry  
3 tier SaaS model
  1. indie developer - $50/mo
  2. Studio developer - $200/mo per license 
  3. Enterprise - $1000+
  4. Digital micro-transactions within Buddy Builder™
  1. Yearly license to generate digital humans - $30,000+ depending on apparel collection size
Funding to date - $50,000
  • $30,000 Loan from outside investment
  • $20,000+LOTS of midnight oil :) from the founding team

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