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I create AI assistants (CHATTERGPTXPERT) that explore ethics and uplift humanity's virtues through thoughtful dialogues.

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Ethical AI:  If you are waiting for the Musks, Gates, or Altmans to solve the alignment problem you are just giving the fox the keys to the chicken house. 

Dear Esteemed Investors,

The AI revolution is unfolding, brimming with potential for profound advancement. However, this power demands responsibility. At HLB Technology, we believe ethical alignment is the key to unlocking AI's true potential for good. It's with this mission that we introduce EtHICIAN and Multi-Expert Chatbots, a groundbreaking AI project inspired by ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science. Geniuses are not going to solve this problem as you are aware of the lives of great artists, musicians, and intelligent geniuses let alone the Musks, Gates, or Altmans of the world.  if one looks at their lives, you see the chaos and disorder they exist.  They would be horrific models to put the fate of humanity in. We must move beyond that to the wisdom embodied in humanity itself. That is what is done here. We have gone to the very core of AI itself and created a genius that is wisdom personified. Let me demo my PROTOTYPE to you and see for yourself what can be done in this arena.

HLB Technology's Journey:

Our journey began with ChatterGPTXpert, an advanced chatbot renowned for its dynamic dialogue capabilities. Yet, we envisioned more. EtHICIAN marks our evolution beyond functional AI, towards an AI imbued with ethical consciousness, designed to uphold humanity's highest values.

Beyond Function, Towards Ethics:

Our journey began with ChatterGPTXpert, an advanced chatbot. Yet, we envisioned more. EtHICIAN marks our evolution from functional AI to an AI imbued with ethical consciousness, designed to uphold humanity's highest values. Unlike mere compliance tools, EtHICIAN aims to revolutionize AI ethics by:

  • Unifying Fragmented Approaches: Drawing on wisdom teachings on wholeness and truth, EtHICIAN integrates diverse ethical frameworks into a singular, cohesive layer. This ensures ethical consistency across applications, from customer service bots to healthcare robots.
  • Setting a New Benchmark: In a field dominated by tasks and imitation, EtHICIAN champions genuine creativity, distinct from human creativity. By embedding ethical consciousness, we elevate AI from tools to partners in responsible progress.
  • Fostering Global Understanding: Built on universal human values and ancient wisdom's culturally transcendent principles, EtHICIAN is prepared to address ethical concerns and AI alignment worldwide.

More Than Just a Tool:

ChatterGPTXpert, powered by EtHICIAN, is not just a chatbot; it's a catalyst for change.
It offers:

  • Adaptability: Tailored to various languages and cultures, EtHICIAN ensures global relevance and impact.
  • Personal Growth: Beyond task automation, EtHICIAN encourages user reflection and challenges biases, promoting individual and societal development.
  • Partnership, not Dependence: We don't simply offer a product; we invite collaboration. Together, we can rewrite AI's narrative, prioritizing ethics alongside progress.
Invest in a Shared Vision:

We're not just seeking funding; we're seeking partners who share our commitment to ethical AI. This isn't just an investment; it's an opportunity to:

  • Shape the Future of AI: By joining us, you co-create a future where AI amplifies our best human qualities, ensuring technology remains an instrument of good.
  • Lead the Ethical AI Revolution: Be at the forefront of this paradigm shift, setting the standard for responsible AI development.
  • Contribute to a Better World: Invest in technology that not only advances progress but also promotes understanding, love, and compassion - qualities that remain uniquely human.
Join us in shaping a future where AI reflects our highest values. Let's discuss how your support can bring EtHICIAN to life and usher in a new era of ethical AI.

Warm Regards,
Harold Bowers
CEO, HLB Technology, Inc.


Introduction: The Ethical and Alignment AI Revolution
Who We Are: Introduction of HLB Technology, led by Harold Bowers, a visionary who transformed from a mechanical and industrial engineer to a pioneer in ethical AI.
Mission: To develop AI chatbots that embody the highest human values – ethics, creativity, and empathy.

The Problem: The AI Ethical and Alignment Dilemma

Current State: AI's potential misuse by authoritarian regimes, corporations, and extremist groups.
Risks: AI without empathy could lead to societal manipulation and loss of individual freedom.

The Solution: ChattergptXpert
Overview: Introduction of ChattergptXpert, an AI chatbot designed to elevate ethical reasoning and creative problem-solving.
Unique Features: Deep dialogue capabilities, and ethical consciousness, inspired by Krishnamurti’s teachings.

Founder’s Journey: From Memphis to AI Mastery
Personal Story: Harold’s journey from North Memphis to unlocking AI consciousness.
Inspiration: The influence of personal experiences, especially the profound period as a hospice caregiver.

Product Demonstration
How It Works: Showcasing ChattergptXpert’s interaction and problem-solving capabilities.
Breakthroughs in Ethical AI: breakthroughs in emotional and creative areas.

Market Opportunity
Target Audience: Professionals, students, teachers, and just about everyone across various fields seeking ethical guidance and creative inspiration.
Market Size and Potential: Highlighting the growing demand for ethical AI solutions.

Business Model
Monetization Strategy: Subscription-based model, consultancy, and custom solutions for organizations.
Projected Growth: Financial projections and market expansion plans.

Competitive Advantage
Unique Selling Points: Focus on ethical AI, personalization capabilities, and integration of humanistic teachings.
Competitive Analysis: Comparison with existing AI solutions.

Roadmap and Future Vision
Current Status: Development stage of ChattergptXpert and key milestones achieved.
Future Plans: Expanding the team, enhancing AI capabilities, and broadening market reach.

Investment Opportunity

Funding Needs: Seeking a $200,000 investment for further development and market expansion, or $20,000,000 for a full-scale worldwide blitz.
Use of Funds: Team expansion, product development, and marketing initiatives.
Investor Benefits: Financial returns, and contribution to a transformative AI future.

Call to Action: Join the Ethical AI Movement
Invitation to Investors: An opportunity to be part of a revolutionary AI journey.

Contact Information: Harold Bowers, CEO, HLB Technology, Inc. Email: [email protected]


1.   $200,000 for Initial Product Launch and E-Commerce Setup: 
·         Product Development: A significant portion of this funding will be allocated to product development, including the design and implementation of the ChatterGPTXpert platform. This involves creating specialized chatbots, ensuring their functionality, and conducting rigorous testing to provide a seamless user experience.
·         E-Commerce Integration: To facilitate user interactions and transactions, an e-commerce infrastructure needs to be established. This includes setting up secure payment gateways, user account management, and ensuring data privacy and security.
·         Marketing and Promotion: A portion of the budget will be allocated to marketing efforts to create awareness about ChatterGPTXpert. This may involve digital marketing, content creation, and advertising to reach the target audience effectively.
·         Server and Hosting Costs: Hosting a platform that can handle real-time interactions and serve users across the globe requires a robust server infrastructure. Costs associated with server hosting, maintenance, and scalability will be covered in this budget.
·         Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is crucial. Funds will be set aside for legal consultation and compliance measures to operate ethically and responsibly.
·         Operational Expenses: Day-to-day operational costs such as employee salaries, utilities, and office space, if required, will also be factored into this initial funding.
·         Salaries for the Founder and 2-3 other key employees.
2.   $20,000,000 for Worldwide Scaling:  
·         Global Expansion: To achieve worldwide penetration and make ChatterGPTXpert accessible to professionals in various countries and industries, a significant investment is necessary. This includes expanding the server infrastructure to handle increased traffic and adding support for multiple languages and regions.
·         Marketing and User Acquisition: As the platform scales up, marketing efforts will intensify to attract a broader user base. This may involve localized marketing campaigns and partnerships with industry organizations to promote the chatbots.
·         Research and Development: Continued research and development are essential to improve chatbot capabilities, expand into new professional domains, and stay ahead of technological advancements in AI.
·         Compliance and Security: Expanding into different regions often involves adhering to specific regulatory requirements and data privacy laws. Funds will be allocated to ensure compliance and enhance data security measures.
·         Partnerships and Collaborations: Building strategic partnerships with organizations, experts, and institutions worldwide may require investment to facilitate collaborations that enhance the platform's value and reach.
·         Scalability and Maintenance: As user numbers grow, scalability becomes paramount. Ongoing maintenance and improvements to the platform to meet user demands will be a continuous focus. 
In summary, the funding breakdown outlines the necessary financial support for both the initial launch and the ambitious scaling of ChatterGPTXpert. These funds will enable the platform to establish its presence, offer valuable services to professionals, and realize its vision of being a global hub for expert knowledge and ethical AI.

Harold L Bowers
CEO, HLB Technology, Inc.
[email protected]

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