Hitch app LLC

Raising 200k to develop an app that will create convenience and ”employment” like an Uber or Instacart, but in terms of service and market Hitch is nothing like them.

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Hitch app LLC vision is to tap into an underground word of mouth market. Hitch will organize the chaos and make it convenient for ordinary people and small businesses to get an elusive service Hitch will provide. Hitch also gives the chance for everyday citizens to make money as the market Hitch creates from its customers, will be the market Hitch’s ordinary everyday citizen drivers will be able to capitalize off of. Last but not least, Hitch app LLC will fill a void in society creating convenience and “employment” like an Uber or Instacart, but we’re nothing alike.  As the funding to develop Hitch as an app has not been completed the protection for this idea is of most importance. I would love to schedule an audience with you to unleash the rest of the details, and business plan readily available. 

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Hitch app LLC is no longer seeking funding.