HF Music

Profitable, growing, web based business is disrupting the music production industry.

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Highly profitable, web based, music production platform. Business owned by multi-platinum producer. 
  • Disrupting the ‘Pro Studio Market’  by simplifying & improving the process for success at all levels of music production & creation.
  • Social Platform providing the education, equipment, & peer network  necessary to fulfill the customers dreams in music production. 
  • Providing expertise and a proven methodology through content and partnerships give music producers measurable success.
“Warren is the only person that can successfully move between equipment reviews and online education.”    - Resolution Magazine 

  • Home Studio and Pro Studio Markets exceed $1.2 Billion in combined revenue. Growth out to 2023, at a CAGR of 9.7%
  • Market is growing and we are the recognized leader and expert
The home content creation space is flourishing. An individual can create for a few thousand dollars what would have cost tens of thousands of dollars in the past.” – FutureSource 

  • 1 million views a month
  • 274,000 unique viewers to the Academy website each month
  • 350,000 subscribers
  • 250,000 email addresses
  • Multiple  revenue streams and synergy across all areas of the business
  • $1.3m in revenue, almost 50% profit, growing 40% year over year.
Almost every day, someone just starting in the business contacts me and asks where/how they should start producing, that is why Warren Huart’s ‘Produce Like A Pro’ series is such a great resource.  Anyone at any level in this business can learn something valuable and or new from his videos and interviews. You are providing a much needed service here Warren, thank you!”    -Mark Needham 11x Grammy nominee

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