Seeking 150K to invest in rapidly growing, all natural, haircare company.

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Herbalya (er-bahl-yah) is an all natural, vegan haircare company aimed at eliminating chronic illness causing ingredients in its products, while maintaining impeccable efficacy. Curated by a veteran stylist behind the chair of 15 years who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 7 years into her career and formulated by a chemist who was the chief technical officer for Aveda for nearly two decades, Herbalya offers a luxurious solution for its customers that is clean, safe, effective and affordable. 
Herbalya will primarily be an ecommerce platform, focusing its marketing on social media outlets. We will provide a variety of subscription options to keep the consumer's product stocked according to their personal needs. We will also be marketing and selling  to professionals in the industry at wholesale to gain support and revenue , while the stylists maintain their commissions for selling to their customers. We plan to attend the largest professional vendor event in Chicago in April of 2023, where industry professionals will have the opportunity to be immersed in live demonstrations of the product as well as meet with our founder for a more in depth expression of her mission with this Company.

When Herbalya becomes profitable, it will be our humble honor to provide chronic illness patients with assistive services for a variety of things, from day to day needs like lawn care, snow removal, house cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, etc., to the needs that seem impossible to meet like in home healthcare, end of life care, or, sadly, simply paying for life sustaining/disease modifying medications that otherwise could be afforded. 

Thank you for your genuine consideration. I know my angel investor is out there, and I am touched to imagine the angel work that will be carried on through Herbalya from this initial key investor. 
To read my full story, please visit the website at www.herbalya.com and click on "The Origin of Herbalya" tab. 

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