Heart of a Woman

Seeking Investor for Feature Heart of a Woman based off memoir I Rise (True Drama Story)

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Need funding for project Heart of a Woman.


TERRI is a professional ‘pleasure-giver’ in the erotic industry. As an educated transgender, she attempts to further her options by applying for various jobs outside of the venue of erotic professional, yet seems to hit roadblocks at every turn and around every corner because of prejudice against her lifestyle choice and powerful personality. Undeterred, she persists with a passion in every avenue of her life – and this includes how she interfaces with new clients seeking forbidden pleasure.

Terri lives with the very attractive DERRICK – a young man possessed with dreams of superstardom as an actor in Hollywood. Dedicated to his craft, Derrick supplements his dreary acting revenue by offering sexual services, sometimes involving acting out bizarre fantasies; one such fantasy includes the play-hostage scenario for a kinky married couple who are extremely pleased with Derrick’s esoteric skills, augmented by a believability that even Derrick finds disturbing.

Into the lives of Terri and Derrick, steps PAMELA – a displaced and emotionally battered young woman of 24 years old; Pamela is both alcoholic and drug-addicted, not to mention a victim of sublime and insidious abuse levied upon her by life in general, but more specifically by her sadistic pimp, DAWN. Dawn has done her best to subjugate Pamela by means of abuse, but on one bizarre night when both Dawn and Pamela suffer a catastrophic automobile accident, Pamela flees the infernal grasp of her malicious pimp.

Pamela finds refuge with a reluctant Terri, and a pragmatically compassionate Derrick, as the young girl tries to find stability in her life. Terri has very little patience with Pamela’s addictions but becomes more sympathetic as time wears on, recognizing that Pamela has been dealt a bad hand in life, and truly needs protection. Derrick, for his part, tries to support the young girl in his inimitable way.

But tragedy sometimes is the destiny to some poor souls, for Pamela, even in her ongoing efforts to escape Dawn’s witchery against her in trying to corral her former employee back into the fold is doomed to an inevitable end that has no resolution. In a final dramatic confrontation with Dawn, where Pamela comes close to killing her pimp, the young girl goes off on an erratic binge of drugs and alcohol. These excesses land her in the hospital, where she dies from overdose complications.

Terri, experiencing unfamiliar – and surprising grief – never fully recovers from Pamela’s death, yet resolves to move on, realizing, as does Derrick, that some poor souls can never be saved, even with the best of intentions in place.


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