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Seeking front money for emerging theater company to produce videos for three original, Broadway-style musicals that are all Rated "PG"!

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We are The Patterson's of Heart and Soul Producers: Composers, Musicians, Playwrights, and Live Theater-Makers with a HEART for live story-telling and the SOUL to put it to great, original music! We have a positive message in THREE complete and original musicals and TWO live showcase events, that are all Rated PG and we want to tour these shows in the county, state, and beyond!   

Our original Christmas musical, "A Night To Remember" has just hit the big stage at The King Center for the Performing Arts right here in Melbourne, Florida, 12/21/22!  It's the largest venue in our county.  It was also the ONLY show on their schedule with the true meaning of Christmas AND a portion of all of our ticket sales was donated to the Semper Fi and America's Fund and The Wounded Warrior Project.
Our second show is called "Bal Cari" and is a MAGIC Musical Adventure set in a small village on the water before the days of modern science and industrial progress, in the 1400's.  Magic, Music, Love, and a Mythical Beast with shape-shifting "skin bats" are said to live on a far-off island.  Slaying the Beast would make our magician, Bal Cari, the hero and not just the village scoundrel without a job.  The Elder of the village has a daughter that will wait for him to return the hero, if he ever returns at all.

The third is called, "The God Show" and is a 2 act musical set in modern times and in a historic downtown district where building improvements are always needed and there's never enough parking.  Our story is about The Montgomery Theater, now in it's third year of almost being successful and their not so attractive neighbors at The Downtown Mission, where they do good work but struggle just to keep the lights on.  Hugh Montgomery wants to level the mission to build a parking garage and the  Pastor crashes their end of the season party and dares him in front of the media to do a show about God if he truly believes anything he touches he can make a success!  The journey for the theater actors, the homeless, Pastor Dan, Hugh Montgomery, and the new director is quite a story.  In the end, the God Show will become the story for everyone.

Our goal is to have all three shows touring throughout the calendar year.  "A Night To Remember" at Christmastime (November/December), Bal Cari in the Fall (August-October), and The God Show (February-July).  All sets are modular and easily able to tour with as we just worked out with 'A Night to Remember" last month.  Theaters, City Auditoriums, and large "Mega" churches are the first contacts to be made.  Having a dollar amount to charge them, they could also charge an additional amount per ticket to help with their own improvements or charities.

We're in Florida which is a tourist-heavy state.  "Bal Cari" would also be a great year-round dinner theater show in Orlando, Kissimmee, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, etc.  With the business model of a Medieval Times or Dixie Stampede.  This would be a continuous revenue stream and a brand that can expand from costuming and beverage containers to action figures!  This show has magic and slight of hand in it, so even magic kits would be added to the retailers.

The customer base is all ages.  The shows are all Rated "PG" and the songs are catchy.  Downloads and streaming of many of the songs would work and some songs could be radio hit singles.  These shows reach many different fans:  musicals, adventure stories, Christian theater, regional theater storylines, children, young adults, families, middle aged couples, and senior citizens alike.

Heart and Soul Producers are currently a team of four that have successfully put on shows and live 15-minute special presentations such as a Live Nativity that was life size and included real grazing animals to be pet and fed while being watched by shepherds, a Magi encampment with lit torches and wisemen telling the tales of their travels around a bonfire, and a larger than life manger scene where all would travel to with their animals or gifts when the background music would change!  In certain larger, outside venues, this was a new audience every 15 minutes and was very powerful.

Jim and Wendy have been writing original music and dramatic plays for many years.  They've performed in very small churches, outside under the stars, on multiple stages at city music festivals, and at the best professional venues in the area.  They've toured in the US and Canada with bands and then with with their sons who are professional musicians and BOTH members of the United States Marine Corps Band as well!  We have worked every aspect of a show including sound, lighting cues, set design, costuming, vocal lessons, blocking, set construction, directing, producing, writing, arranging, printing, logo design, rehearsal tracks, stage management, web site design, talent scout, custom prop design and construction, choreography, transport, advertising, casting,  public service announcements, make-up, promotion, radio and social media campaigns, script formatting, music scoring, solo and ensemble performances, tech crew, video presentations and electronic press kits.

We're only limited by our need for funding.  Our talent is there and we're ready to scout out more.  We have many local performers ready to take the next step to make a touring show and a wealth of real talent right here in Central Florida looking for long term projects and short term projects alike.  The market is always in need of new shows and some regional theaters close for a portion of the summer leaving a gap when more tourists are looking for an exciting and fun experience.  We have a positive message and would love for you to become a part of it.

Let the story...begin!      HeartandSoulProducers.com

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