Free Healthcare, for Everyone! (TAM- $26B, ATV- $18/MOx14k Users, ARR- 3Mil at 24 months)

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Free Healthcare, for Everyone!

(TAM- $26B,  ATV- $18/MOx14k Users,  ARR- 3Mil at 24 months)

We are creating an incredibly intelligent mobile app to track health outcomes and provide free preventative healthcare for Users.  
Health4Info is the combination of a health tracker (like Apple Health or Fit Bit), an epidemiological study and a responsive focus group.  It rewards Users with free preventative healthcare the more they use it, which creates a natural positive feedback loop to capture more and more valuable health information and to make the Users healthier and healthier.  
User's (like you and me) utilize Health4Info to document and track their health outcomes and opinions so these valuable data can be exchanged for free preventative healthcare.   
Companies (like CVS, Health Systems and Research Labs) utilize Health4Info to data mine Users’ demographics, health information and opinions (like an epidemiological study) to help them make marketing decisions.  Companies can also ask follow-up questions (like a focus group) to specific Users to help qualify or expand their information.  Or, companies can post general surveys to gather information from large groups of Users.  
Either way, the companies pay for this information, which funds preventative healthcare for the Users and provides revenue to Health4Info.  For instance, CVS might pay $10,000 per month to advertise discounts on the mobile app and to data mine preferences from Users in the zip codes of particular CVS locations.  Health4Info retains $3000 and Users that answer questions about CVS receive $7000.  
Landing page-
Funding for MVP ($500K)
$125,000- finish MVP (wire frame clickable prototype paid for and complete)
$10,000- AWS servers for 12 months
$20,000- HIPAA/SOC certification
$100,000- sales for 12 months to obtain Users and Companies (sell ads and surveys to Companies)
$200,000- initial payment to Users for health/demo info and follow-up questions (approx. 200,000 data points from 10,000 Users in Greater Kansas City) 
$45,000- budget overage 

Enhancements and Future Capabilities of Health4Info Month 13-24

Blockchain- security and transfer of health information
Geolocation- automatically schedule clinic and lab appointments based on User location, health information and schedule
AI- eliminate primary care bottle-necks and increase patient satisfaction by suggesting and scheduling next steps in a Users health journey

The Extreme Value Add for Companies and Users

Reduce health insurance premiums- drive down monthly premiums by covering preventative healthcare 
Patient traffic- steer patients to one health system over another

I'm crazy about healthcare, have a Masters Degree from KU Medical Center and have been leading small innovative healthcare companies for 20 years.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this incredible healthcare changing app, market analysis and possible Return on Investment.  

Cory Boyle, MHSA
913 449 0885
[email protected]

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