Assisted Living portfolio with Real Estate

Assisted Living Portfolio going Public. Seeking $ 2,500,000.00

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Due in part to the leftover effects of covid, we see tremendous opportunity in the Assisted Living market. We have put together a team of industry professionals to vet, analyze and operate distressed facilities. We will utilize an existing fully reporting public entity trading on the OTCQB. Unlike a REIT, we plan to own the Real Estate as well as operate and manage the facilities, to realize its full revenue potential. The two states we are closely looking at are FL, due to its aging population, and OH, due to favorable increased reimbursement rates planned by Medicaid. We have identified two facilities, one in each state with a total bed count of 200 licensed beds. The ability to assume low-interest rate HUD loans, well below market purchase price, as well as the potential to add more licensed beds, make these unique value-ad opportunities. We believe that this structure, once proven, will allow us to buy distressed portfolios at reduced cash prices due to stock incentives we will be able to offer.  Due to regulatory concerns, we can only share details about the company, the team, and the facilities upon receipt of a signed FD-NDA.  We are seeking  Two Million  Five Hundred Thousand Dollars to close on both properties, make the necessary improvements and fund operations to make them profitable.

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