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Raising 1 million dollars to bring our patent pending formula and process of natural CBD infusion of plants, fruits, and vegetables to the world by storm

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Patent pending formula and process to naturally infuse fruits, vegetables & plants with cbd for consumption and medical advancements and numerous other fields and products. We have created a formula, done the research and development and verified our proof of concept through ACS Labs. 

Our product and formula are the only ones in this field and we have the patent pending status on this market. We can infuse plants naturally with cbd which can be used for consumption, medicine, pet products, fertilizers and numerous other areas in which plants are used. The possibilities of what we have created and patented are truly endless.

The CBD market is 9.3 billion dollars in the US alone and is projected to grow rapidly. We want to bring our product to the leading forefront of this industry. there are many avenues to do this. we can simply manufacture and sell it ourselves, we can partner with a business which already has this capability or we can even do licensing deals with our product. Any way you look at it the only thing this is guaranteed to do is make money and change the CBD Inductry as we know it. 

I look forward to getting an investor who knows the value of what we have and are as passionate about this as we are. 

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