Harvey McLean and Associates

The business plan is to buy land opportunistically, enhance it's value by rezoning, accessing utilities, etc. and marketing it creatively within a 3-5 year time.

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       The business plan is to buy land opportunistically, enhance it's value by getting zoning, accessing utilities, landscaping, etc. and selling it creatively.  This property will be in the Austin metropolitan area.  
       Land has no deprecation nor obsolescence and needs little management.  The estimated time of holding the property will be 3-7 years.  The investor will provide all the financing and McLean will provide the management.  The profits, as defined, will be divided 80%-20% in favor of the investor who will also receive interest on all funds advanced before the profit calculation. 
        Available are the following: 1) an article about "Land Investing",  2) a newspaper article about Austin and it's future, 3) a Chamber analysis on Austin's future population, 4) an article about Apple's move to Austin, and 5) three sample "Pro Formas".  US news and World Report picked Austin as one of the three best  places to live in the United States.   Austin is also  the hottest residential real estate market in America.  Despite the Corona Virus, Austin had a fantastic year in terms of securing high tech, and other companies,  including a billion dollar plant for Tesla, Oracle moving headquarters to Austin and BAE Systems building a 150  million dollar headquarters there.   
       With respect to the Pro Formas, it has been estimated that the value of the property will potentially double in 3, 5 or 7 years.  While doubling in value in 3 years is aggressive, given the dynamics of the present and the history of it occurring makes it seem possible.  Doubling in 5 years seems quiet reasonable, and doubling in 7 years, actually conservative.  Now is the time for you to take advantage of the inevitable and soon jump in the price of land in Austin, the most fluid and volatile component in real estate.   Investments will be made on individual parcels of land.  
       Harvey McLean and Associates was started in 1997 and is a single office real estate firm.  Background of Harvey McLean includes successful apartment and office building  development.  Investments can range from $250,000 to several million dollars.
If you would like copies of the above mentioned documents,  I will  send them to you.

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