Harper Entertainment Consultants

Raising $1m for the launching of an urban American national touring company.

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HARPER ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANTS is a Detroit based, minority owned urban American theatrical touring company with a mission to provide top quality, original and socially conscious live theater that aspires to restore and cultivate a spirit of hope and dignity.

MISSION:  "Motivating and Activating the community within which it serves - one performance at a time."
Seeking angel investment(s) of 1 million to premier our first national tour entitled Bouncing Back and the launching of a multi-media campaign to find America's brightest and most talented playwrights for national tour schedule.

Harper Entertainment Consultants provides a national platform to talented and creative playwrights and directors who submit scripts with exceptional concepts or socially conscious themes. 

If you've ever wondered what type of profits are in Broadway, Off-Broadway or National Touring companies or how an angel investment would work for such a venture? We've outlined the answer very nicely in our Business Plan. The truth is theater is more than just entertainment - it's a business first. Just ask Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera) and Tyler Perry (Madea). This is the same industry that made them both the billionaires they are today.

What makes our theater company different from others is we only produce dynamic and socially conscious productions featuring star status A or B list artist whose careers translate into ticket sales. Birthed out of the devastation of the pandemic that literally destroyed “live” theater all over the world, the launch of Harper Entertainment Consultants, will be the breath of fresh air that people all over the nation will be waiting for - the return of live theater. The question becomes how will we find these extraordinary playwrights?  The answer should not be listed on this public platform however, we have a very well detailed and step by step strategy outlined in our Business Plan.

We are seeking an Angel Investor for the launching of Harper Entertainment Consultants and the premier of our Broadway bound national touring production entitled BOUNCING BACK written and directed by company founder, Loren Dean Harper who has had over 30 years of experience orchestrating national tours that have made producers billions.

As the pandemic slowly loosens its deathly grip of our communities and more and more Americans become vaccinated, these same communities are slowly returning to some sense of normalcy. Restaurants are  reopening, students are headed back to the classroom and live entertainment venues are already booking well into 2023. Our communities are bouncing back. Hence, BOUNCING BACK will be the celebratory story of just a few people who represent so many others who have managed to bounce back despite circumstances that were designed to destroy them.  Bouncing Back will star Season 3 American Idol winner Fantasia Burrino, Grammy Award winner Johnny Gill and legendary R&B hit maker Keith Sweat. Launching of the 10 city trial tour is strategically projected to take place on the weekend of one of the most celebrated money-making holidays of the year, Mother's Day weekend, May 7-8, 2022 at the Detroit Music Hall. It's all outlined in our Business and Financial Plan. 

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