Raising 100k to to get necessary equipment to achieve maximum success

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We are a small  clothing line looking to expand and grow. This is a business my son started and we just want to push him in the right direction.  We would like to try and get funding so that we can get the necessary equipment to be successful. Having this capital will allow us to go and get contracts fro restaurants, business that I have a relationship with.  We are in the process of gathering as many accounts possible to be able to attract and ear business. I stay in Charlotte one of the fastest growing cities in America and having this capital will allow us to stay relevant throughout these time. The pandemic has motivated me to be successful in everything that I do and getting started is a success.  We are purchasing everything in house right now and me the father is funding everything and it can be a burden at times. This would be amazing for the opportunity to see someone come from the bottom to be able to make it work. We are also inter in expanding into Real estate, private businesses, restaurants, so we have a lot in mind just need some help getting there

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