H Tea-O

Raising Approximately $2,000,000 For Disruptor Iced Tea & Water Franchise (Family Owned TX Business)

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Franchise in H Tea-O. Fairly new Texas-based, family run, Iced Tea and Water store. Over 27 flavors of sweet and unsweet tea. Customers can sample as many teas as they desire. Then, they may dispense their tea, from as many flavors as they wish, into several different cup size choices, and add fruit, sweetener, etc. Customers can pick up premixed gallons, or have one of our team members make custom gallons for them. All sizes of water jugs/bottles can be filled. H Tea-O is a market disruptor! These stores are visionary. I have already been approved for the franchise; I just need the funding. I am a private practice periodontist, and a 29+ year retired veteran of the US Army and TX ARNG, and a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and other global campaigns. 

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H Tea-O is no longer seeking funding.